Let’s Raise Money for Rape Crisis to fight the rape apologism of Ched Evans’ & Supporters

Today, the Daily Star ran this front page:



A victim of rape who has been shamed, humiliated, publicly named and denigrated by the supporters of Ched Evans has been reduced to “Footie Rape Girl”. Evans family are currently whining because Rape Crisis don’t support rapists and his fans are threatening any woman who supports Evans’ victim with this particularly pleasant tweet representing the reality of their abuse:

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The abuse continues unabated.

Let’s make it clear that we won’t allow these rape apologists to continue harassing Evans’ victim and fight back by raising money for:

Rape Crisis England/ Wales: 

Local Rape Crisis’ in England & Wales

Rape Crisis Scotland

Local Rape Crisis in Scotland

Judy Finnigan is just wrong about Ched Evans. And, she’s wrong about rape.

I hate writing these posts. I just keep saying the same thing over and over.:

Rape is an act of violence.

I don’t understand how people can not realise that the violation of a woman’s body is ALWAYS an act of violence.

I am so sick of people apologising for Ched Evans as if he was a 6 year old who stole a sweetie from the corner shop on a dare.

The man is a convicted rapist. He chose to rape a woman who was so intoxicated that she could not consent.

Finnigan’s words (transcribed by buzz feed) are harmful:

Finnigan, 66, spoke out in support of Evans, saying the rape wasn’t violent and that he’d “served his time”.

She said: “He’s served his time. The rape – and I’m not by any means minimising any kind of rape – but the rape was not violent. He didn’t cause any bodily harm to the person.”

This is precisely why Evans & his merry band of rape apologists and rapists don’t think Evans has committed a crime. Finnigan has summed up Evan’s defence and numerous appeals in two short sentences. She hasn’t given a thought to the victim (who has had to leave the country after Evan’s mates outed her.

Finnigan needs to take specialist training for her local rape crisis to understand the law on rape and the consequences for women. She also needs victim awareness training to understand trauma.

Then, Finnigan needs to stand up on Loose Women and apologise properly to every single rape victim in the country for telling them that a man shoving his penis inside you isn’t an act of violence. Because, rape is an act of violence.

Ched Evans is a violent rapist.

And those who make statements about grades of rape only help rapists.


Ched Evans, ITV news and Rape Apologism

Ostensibly, ITV were planning on interviewing Natasha Massey, partner of the convicted rapist Ched Evans, about their new website claiming Evans’ innocence and offering a reward for “new information” in the case. Now, the Free Ched Evans website is all sparkly and exciting but I fail to see how it does not constitute harassment of the woman raped by Evans. Considering Evans’ supporters have been convicted and fined for illegally posting the name of the victim on twitter, it’s not a big stretch to consider the website harassment. Apparently, she has also left England completely due to constant harassment. I’m not sure how much more guilty Evans could be considered he admitted to having sex with the victim without her consent, which, strangely, is the legal definition of rape. 

The Free Ched Evans group seem incapable of understanding the basic legal definition of rape in England/ Wales, so their inability to understand harassment doesn’t seem so shocking. In many ways, I feel sorry for Natasha Massey. Her boyfriend is serving 5 years in prison for rape. Learning your partner is a rapist is an incredibly difficult thing and doing so in the public eye is even worse. Massey is also clearly surrounded by sycophants and rape apologists. She is fighting to free a man from prison who raped another woman and no one around her seems to be pointing out how unhealthy her obsession with trying to prove Evans’ innocent actually is. I empathise with the position Massey finds herself in but what she is doing to another woman is unforgivable. 

I am even angrier at ITV news for considering this interview “news” and giving a platform to rape apologists to spread myths about rape. It is possible that ITV news was planning on doing a real interview and challenging every single rape myth that Massey spouts, but, somehow, I doubt that. Considering the treatment Evans’ victim received from the media during the trial, I doubt the conviction of her rapist would change things. I have no faith that ITV news will have bothered to check the legal situation and learn the real truths about rape (conveniently available here). 

I do not trust the media to accurately represent the reality of rape.

They haven’t bothered to do so yet, I can’t imagine why tonight’s scheduled interview would have been any different.

It serves the capitalist-Patriarchy’s interests to continue propagating rape myths. 

Why would this be any different?

@stfumisogynists wrote a brilliant letter of complaint to ITV here. Owing to the activism of numerous feminists, ITV has pulled the interview with Massey. 

Ched Evans is apparently just like Nelson Mandela

At least, according to the people behind @FreeChedwyn. They like to make this comparison a lot. I waver between being gobsmacked at the stupidity of the comparison to wondering if they actually know who Nelson Mandela is. This was them today:

Chad ‏@FreeChedwynThe Nelson Mandela of #sufc has an appeal in a few days. an innocent man, falsely accused of “rape”

Normally, I like to ignore the thick-as-pigshit rape apologists who have hopped on the all-women-who-were-raped-are-liars bandwagon but today nine Ched Evans rape apologists were fined £624 each for naming the victim on Twitter.

Tomorrow, we need to start a real debate on why naming the victim is a civil offence rather than a criminal offence and whether or not £624 is a reasonable fine since it clearly isn’t, but, today, I’m going to celebrate nine misogynists being held responsible for deliberately and maliciously smearing the reputation of an innocent woman.

And, spend some more time sniggering at the level of stupidity required to claim some dumbass footballer is the same as Nelson Mandela.