How to Tell When You Need to Invest in a Divorce Lawyer and a Vibrator

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This morning I awoke to this utterly brilliant piece by The Kraken Awakes on Paperchase’s unbelievable misogyny. You have to read Kraken’s takedown of these cards because it is just brilliant.¬†

There is nothing I can add to the Kraken’s smackdown except to say that if you receive one of the following from your male partner, you need a divorce lawyer and a vibrator* because he’s an arsenugget and you are worth so much more than him.

(Well, actually, being on the RadFem spectrum, I think women should spend more time learning how to pleasure themselves without the use of sex toys. After all, learning to love ourselves is an important part of feminism and that includes sexually. I’m not against sex toys. I just want women to feel comfortable and sexual ¬†within their own bodies without needing external options. But, definitely, the divorce lawyer is needed.)

#ReadingOnlyBooksWrittenByWomen : Women’s History Month

I’m a history nerd; not that this piece of information is surprising to anyone who reads this blog but I am. And, proud. Obviously, also a huge fan of Women’s History Month!

These are books I have lined up for Women’s History Month; all are written by authors who are new to me. I doubt I will have time to read them all but I’m aiming to spend the month not reading fiction!

Andrea Smith’s Conquest: Sexual Violence and the American Indian Genocide
Antonia Fraser’s The Warrior Queens
Barbara Black Koltuv’s The Book of Lilith
Jewly Hight’s Right by Her Roots: American Women and their Songs
Rosalind Miles’ The Woman’s History of the World
Bettany Hughes’ Helen of Troy: Goddess, Princess, Whore