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This art project by Kristin Villebrun to remember the 1181 missing Aboriginal women by building inukshuks is just breath-taking.

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Victim-blaming as daytime entertainment on The Jeremy Kyle Show via @EVB_Now

nia – a feminist organisation are raising funds to purchase a new van to engage in night-work with women who want to exit prostitution. They have taken on 2 projects from Eaves, which was forced to close following ‘austerity’ cuts, and the administrator took the van belonging to Eaves.

Storify of all the posts shared as #womenwrites this week


Feminism-it’s for everyone! at TopDyke

One of the best things about writing a radical feminist blog which is read by about eleven people on a good day is that I can say whatever I want. Fuck it, no one’s reading. The only people who will be are other radical feminists and the occasional hate-read from radiqueer sparklefucks, and as these people are internet people, and not real people, I don’t particularly care about how these ideas are received. …

Bringing up the body at Trouble & Strife

By Alison Phipps’s own account, her book The Politics of the Body sets out to ask ‘questions about how contemporary discussions of issues to do with women’s bodies reflect how we conceptualise embodiment’. Each chapter picks out a particular issue, or set of issues, relating to this general theme: the topics examined are sexual violence, gender and Islam, the politics of the sex industry and the reproductive regimes of birth and breastfeeding. …

Would you ditch a handbag for proper pockets?  by @giagia

I don’t like handbags. There – I’ve said it. Losing the use of a hand in order to heave a bunch of junk around has never really appealed. And a shoulder/clutch/tote bag is just asking to be snatched. The other week, I emptied out the contents of my current bag to find the following: a packet of Lockets from last year’s cold season; yoghurt-covered raisins; biscuit crumbs; three tons of receipts; make-up that I thought I’d lost, so bought replacements and – OH! That’s where all the pens went. It appears that I basically carry around a rubbish bin with a wallet, keys and a phone in it. …

The demise of women’s charity Eaves should worry us all by @bindelj

…We need to get back on to the streets to protest these savage cuts to the women’s sector, and make sure everyone knows that all woman can be a step away from needing the type of support Eaves provided. Are women’s lives really that worthless? …

What you need to know about rape and consent before you have sex by Katie Russell

… Despite the law that most recently defined sexual consent in England and Wales now being over a decade old, there is still confusion among people of all ages about what it actually means. …

The idea of a “male brain” and a “female brain” is likely a myth by Nora Caplan-Bricker

Men and women are equal—and so are the architectures of our brains, according to a new study by neuroscientist Lise Eliot of the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. According to a write-up in Wired, the study was aimed at evaluating the theory that the hippocampus is larger in women than in men; since the hippocampus is the part of the brain associated with memory and emotion, this has been proposed as an explanation for all those feelings ladies tend to have. Eliot and her team analyzed 6,000 MRI scans and found “no significant difference in hippocampal size between men and women.” …

Dane Bowers Sophia Cahill case: Stuff his career – what about justice?  by Polly Neate

Dane Bowers, the former pop-star, convicted of assaulting his girlfriend Sophia Cahill, has just received a suspended jail sentence. …

I was pregnant for 10 months by Viv Groskip

Jack, my third child, arrived last month, 20 days late. My first two babies were 15 days late. But a day shy of week 43? That is virtually record-breaking – and, some would say, slightly mad. For the last week I barely left the house. I knew what I was doing and was happy with my decision. But I didn’t want to hear what anyone else had to say about it. (Especially if it was: “Have you tried eating curry?” Yes. About 57 times.)

In the US there are women like me who call themselves the Ten Month Mamas. The Mamas used to have an online resource – sadly now defunct – which featured the stories of dozens of women who had gone past 42 weeks, some of them as far as 48 weeks. (Many of the most extreme examples were Mormon – some with more than half a dozen children.)  …

Tara Hudson and the betrayal of female prisoners by Rosie Redstocking

… What really frightens me are the numbers. According to the most recent figures, in June 2013 there were 10,498 men serving time for sexual offences in the UK prison pop (compared with 77 women). In the same month, the total female prison population came to 3,853. That means that the number of men in prison for sexual offences is ALMOST THREE TIMES the total number of women in prison.

How many of those men would be prepared to call themselves trans, if it meant they could be transferred? With no requirement to get a GRC, or take hormones, or have surgery?

Even if only 1% of imprisoned sex offenders decided to feign transition and were transferred, women’s prisons would comprise 2.6% male sex offenders. …

Remembering the murdered women erased by the pro-sex work agenda via @FeministCurrent

… According to these sex worker rights organizations, if prostitution in Sweden were fully decriminalized, Jasmine’s ex-husband would never have killed her. …

Unlike New Zealand, which is praised by sex worker rights organizations for fully decriminalizing prostitution, Sweden has adopted the Nordic Model, which decriminalizes women like Jasmine, but continues to criminalize pimps and johns.

But are prostitutes in New Zealand really safer than prostitutes in Sweden, as sex worker rights organizations claim? …

White people critiquing “White Feminism” perpetuate white privilege by @ClaireShrugged

If you are involved in feminist discourse online, the chances are that you will have noticed a particular phrase becoming increasingly common: White Feminism. Sometimes, a trademark logo will even be added for emphasis. The term White Feminism has become shorthand for certain failings within the feminist movement; of women with a particular degree of privilege failing to listen to their more marginalised sisters; of women with a particular degree of privilege speaking over those sisters; of women with a particular degree of privilege centering the movement around issues falling within their own range of experience. Originally, the term White Feminism was used by Women of Colour to address racism within the feminist movement – a necessary and valid critique.  …

The vanished: the Filipino domestic workers who disappear behind closed doors by Annie Kelly and Hazel Thompson

Two years ago, Marilyn Porras Restor kissed her three children goodbye, wiped away their tears and told them she’d try to come home again soon. She left the family house, in a dusty neighbourhood in the city of General Santos in the Philippines, as she had done many times before. Only this time, she never came back.  ….

Missing words by @wordspinster

Last week, the BBC radio programme Woman’s Hour ran an item on the American documentary film Do I Sound Gay?  The film explores what’s popularly known as ‘the gay voice’, a way of speaking that identifies a man as gay (though not all gay men have it, and some men who do sound gay are actually straight). The Woman’s Hour feature ranged more widely over the subject of gay language, including a lengthy discussion of Polari. But it was all about the boys–until, towards the end of the item, the presenter broached the inevitable question: do lesbians also have a language of their own? …

Feminism Needs More Thinkers Who Aren’t Right 100 Percent of the Time by @KathaPollitt 

… Where to begin? Violence against trans women is the fault of feminists? I doubt the brutal men who assault and murder trans women have even heard of Greer­­—or are likely to attend her proposed lecture on feminism in the 20th century (which, she says, will not touch on the subject of trans women at all). And if you believe that inviting someone to lecture on campus is an endorsement of their views—even on subjects they’re not lecturing about—it doesn’t sound as if you’re really all that keen on debate. It sounds more like you want the university to invite only people who think like yourself. …

State subsidised companies are exploiting feminism for profit and we’re all watching by Maya Goodfellow

… Neoliberal capitalism, which is built on the disenfranchisement of women and people of colour, is attempting to contain radical discourse within its walls. In doing so it neutralises the potential for system change. Richard Branson, the billionaire businessperson who owns Virgin, is flourishing under the current system. Though he likes to cultivate a benevolent image, he isn’t doing anything that would seriously challenge the system out of which he does so well. It’s far better and easier for him to give the impression that he cares while making symbolic tweaks to unequal structures. …

Gaslighting Culture by @smashesthep

…For example, neo-liberal culture frames personal individual negative impacts in terms of “choice” and “consent” rather than systems of power that constrain groups of people, even though choice has very little to do with whether, say, impoverished inner city kids succeed in school. The same is true with the hidden-in-plain-sight fact about the toxic nature of masculinity and male pattern violence. The fear of taking sides or being too radical by *naming the problem* shapes the thinking patterns of almost the entire world. ….

Jezebel Supports Ebony Williams’ Murderer at Pathetic Fallacies

… So why am I writing about this? I’m writing about this because just when I thought liberal feminist media could not sink any fucking lower, Jezebel published, yesterday, a fawning interview with a child murderer and rapist, who is male, and who now “identifies” as a woman. See, we’re supposed to feel sympathy for this man because he feels he is a woman and he feels the conditions of his imprisonment are unfair and because he feels he has been treated unfairly by women who point out that he is a murderer and rapist. …

1 in 10 UK Men are Punters? I Don’t Buy It via @annadjinn

…  It is generally claimed that about 1 in 10 men in the UK have paid for sex. For example, according to research collated by The John’s Chart, between 7 and 9% of men in the UK report having paid for sex at least once in their lifetimes. But the maths simply does not add up to such a low percentage.

According to a 2009 US government report, the number of people in prostitution in the UK was estimated at 100,000. That’s a lot of people and the majority of those are female, so for simplicity I will refer to them as women. At least 99% of the punters are male. ….

Shit Liberal Feminists Say: SWERF by Jendi Mehat

… Supporting prostitution and screaming “SWERF” at abolitionists isn’t feminism, it’s capitulating to male supremacy and writing marginalized women off as collateral damage. It’s living in a dream world of consequence-free individual choices. It’s refusing to go beyond scratching the surface, and instead hiding behind buzzwords and tepid half-measures while trying to silence women who are willing to dive deep no matter the cost. Screaming SWERF at abolitionists is misogyny in feminists’ clothing, and it’s just some senseless shit that liberal feminists say. …

The Lost Town of Pine Point by Katie Weaver

…The house is gone now, to the naked eye, like the town itself. But Pine Point is still around, in fragments, if you know where to look: a partial tree house, a door in Yellowknife, an old house in Hay River. But if you know Pine Point’s story and stand at the barren townsite, that tree bursting through the asphalt makes way for the Pine Days parade, and the town comes back alive.

Archaeologists To Ben Carson: Ancient Egyptians Wrote Down Why The Pyramids Were Built by Kristina Killgrove

….In the end, does it really matter what Carson thinks about the Egyptian pyramids?  There will always be science deniers, there will always be people swayed by pseudoarchaeology, and there will always be people who believe what they want no matter the facts.  It does matter, though, because Carson is vying for the job of representing the United States. So it matters that Carson casually rejects hundreds of years’ worth of research because in denying science, he throws the U.S. back into the past.  It matters that he brazenly denies the Egyptian people their rightful history because this marginalizes an entire culture and makes the U.S. look like an ignorant bully. …

Storify of all the posts published under the #womenwrites tag last week!

nia – a feminist organisation are raising funds to purchase a new van to engage in night-work with women who want to exit prostitution. They have taken on 2 projects from Eaves, which was forced to close following ‘austerity’ cuts, and the administrator took the van belonging to Eaves.


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just one of many moments – anonymous submission to Everyday Victim Blaming

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Anti-Choice Crowd Perverts ‘Black Lives Matter’ on Twitter #ABLC by Imani Gandy

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Feminism’s dilemma: When fictionalised violence trumps in real life abuse by  Chimene Suleyman

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stop pigeonholing African writers by Taiye Selasi

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Rahila Gupta & Beatrix Campbell are crowdfunding a feminist investigative journalism project entitled: Why doesn’t patriarchy die?


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We can pay £7bn to fix parliament, or much less to an arsonist. You choose. by Marina Hyde

And this:

In the child’s best interests – Background Briefing – ABC Radio National 


UN peacekeepers sexually abused hundreds of Haitian women & girls 

Please vote for June Eric-Udorie for a Red Smart Women award!


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If you’re in Scotland, please take 10 minutes to fill out this consultation from the Scottish government on new laws on violence against women and girls.


Actually, Nah, Feminism Isn’t About You At All: a Response to “Feminism’s Duty To Gay Men” by Gender Agenda

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The pink bus is a start but parties need to show women they’re in for the long by Anouchka Burton

It’s dehumanising for surrogates to be ‘an oven’ for someone else’s baby by Catherine Bennett

Being in the sex game: who gets to define rape? by 



Wifework  at Feminism: Finally all about the men

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Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival to End after 40 Years by Victoria Brownworth

Some thoughts on MichFest  at Pathetic Fallacies

From Boyle to May, Immigration, as it turns out, has done rather well on providing jobs  by Chimene Suleyman


 How group therapy taught me to survive oppression by @Huma101

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Disabled people shut out of politics by lack of access at polling stations | Frances Ryan

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It’s extreme masculinity – not love or despair – that drives a father to kill his children by Glosswitch

Report reveals the hidden depths of women’s financial abuse, say TUC and Women’s Aid

Unequal, trapped & controlled: Women’s experience of financial abuse and potential implications for Universal Credit – Exploratory research by Women’s Aid for the TUC By Marilyn Howard and Amy Skipp

We live in a world of stupid and Jeremy Clarkson is its king by Sarah Ditum

It is India’s fearless women revolutionaries who are being silenced, not the BBC  via @WritersofColour

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Parallel lives by Portia Smart


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LGBTI – is the L silent?  at Liberation Collective

#EDAW2015, #effyourbeautystandards, #spoonieproblems and self hate (TW)   via @MurderOfGoths

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Mansplainer Exposes Mansplainy Tactics, Internet is Polite  via @LucyAllenFWR

Slim Pickings? by Deborah Cameron at Trouble & Strife

#sharedgirlhood: puberty by Bella Solanum at A Room of Our Own


When I was raped, it was female-only spaces that helped me recoverby Rachel Hewitt

5 Wounds: a brilliant feminist, young historical novel written by my friend Katharine Edgar is now for sale on Amazon!

And, Everyday Victim Blaming: Challenging Media Portrayals of Domestic and Sexual Violence and Abuse is also available on Amazon



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Someone is finally starting to count femicides by Charlotte Alter

On high heels and stupid choices by Glosswitch

Why femicide won’t end until we have a truly equal society  by Eva Wiseman

A collection of briefings on the sex selective abortion amendment to the Serious Crime Bill which will be voted on Monday. There is a petition here. You can write to your MP here.


Women with learning disabilities are the hidden victims domestic violence by Saba Salman

Ethan Czahor’s Tweets: Why Media Should Stop Saying ‘Offensive’ or ‘Controversial’ to Describe Sexism by Soraya Chemaly

How children learn to read by Maria Konnikova

The police won’t attend our Million Women Rise rally – we will march on by Sabrina Qureshi

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Defining’ Terror, and Why ISIS Suits the West by  Chimene Suleyman at Media Diversified

‘My aunt died because doctors assumed domestic violence is normal for Asian women’ by Radhika Sanghani

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Femicide Census: Why we’re counting dead women by Polly Neate

Western Apologies by Somayra Ismailjee

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Sadistic abuse is not romantic by Melinda Tankard Reist

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Don’t Blame Anti-Vaxxers for the Measles Outbreak. Blame American Culture. by Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig

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I Am Disabled and People Tell Me On a Regular Basis That They Would Rather Die Than Be Like Me by Philippa Willetts

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If you’re in London, this conference will be brilliant:

Building the UK’s First Femicide Census: Profiles of Women Killed by Men by Karen Ingala Smith



Pornography as Rape: The Rehtaeh Parsons case by Emily Monaghan at Feminist Current

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5 Wounds: a brilliant YA historical fiction by the fabulous Katharine Edgar will be published March 1!


What do President Goodluck Jonathan and the Global Media have in common? by Samantha Asumadu

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Psychology vs social justice: social responsibility for therapists by Laura McNally

NSPCC: Be Share Aware Campaign by Lynn Schreiber

How menstrual cups are changing lives in East Africa by Sabrina Rubil

and this because it made me giggle:

What if Hermione were the main character in Harry Potter?

and the original essay:

In Praise of Joanne Rowling’s Hermione Granger series


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