For three years I have been collating a weekly selection of writing by women that I think are must reads. I’m going to continue doing this but will now reshare all the articles I collect each week with the tag #womenwrites. I hope other women will share articles, blogs, vlogs, poetry and art that has stunned, challenged or changed their life using #womenwrites.

At the end of each month, I will storyify everything shared on twitter using the #womenwrites tag to create an even bigger archive of women writers and artists.



All Bodies are Beautiful by @MurderofGoths

When words fail by @Durre_Shahwar

My self (at 35) by @reimaginingme

“Not All Men? Well, actually…” by Alicen Grey

The ignorance aimed at Caster Semenya flies in the face of the Olympic spirit | Katrina Karkazis

Black women and the accusation of taking up too much space by  Bridget Minamore

Stop Close Reading by Heather Horn

The Women in My Family Had to Be Good With Money  by Dena Landon

The chore wars by Alecia Simmonds

The sex trade can never be legalised without hurting women – by Kat Banyard

Men hate us by Purple Sage Feminist

“You throw like a girl”  A brief guide to  gender policing  via @WomanAsSubject

It’s Not the ‘Gender Pay Gap’ – It’s the Maternal Income Gap  via @VOlorenshaw

Race/Class/Gender: French secularism and Whiteness  by @saramsalem

More practice, less perfect: How do we navigate the lion’s den of feminist discussions? by Andie Fox


The burkini ban in Cannes isn’t just anti-Muslim – it’s sexist, too by @Huma101

Nate Parker’s Alleged Rape And The Limits of Hollywood Damage Control  via @annehelen

Gabby Douglas Did Not Need To Be Discarded For Simone Biles To Succeed by @ChanMaroonArt

On Nate Parker, Rape and the Perils of Double Consciousness  by Tarana Burke  via @colorlines

‘Normal’ in our society means male – women are written out of the story | Laura Bates

When Elite Parents Dominate Volunteers, Children Lose by Debra Monroe

The myths our legal system buys into about perpetrators of domestic violence by Kasey Edwards

It’s time to address the persistent stereotype that ‘Black people can’t swim’ by @jamaicandale

Nate Parker/ No Pass at Black Girl Nerds

White male privilege is why we laugh at Ryan Lochte and vilify Gabby Douglas by Emma Gray

I Won’t Apologize for Having Fun While Chronically Ill by Denise Reich

“Cyber Trolls and the Ineluctability of Online Abuse” by @lubelluledotcom

Coming out as ‘non-binary’ throws other women under the bus by Susan Cox  via @FeministCurrent

Gabby Douglas and the Danger of Call-Out Culture by Britni Danielle

The South African Clawback by @madomasi
via @WritersofColour

Rebellion: Against Hypocrisy, Gender Racism, & Rape Apologetics (content note)
via @writermrsmith


“I did not want her to become a decrepit old hag”: why elderly men kill their wives by @glosswitch

Abuse is not always ‘visible’ and Megan Short was punished by death for realizing this  via @FeministCurrent

Can hipsters stomach the unpalatable truth about avocado toast? | Joanna Blythman

Childhood trauma leads to lifelong chronic illness — so why isn’t the medical community helping patients by Donna Jackson Nakazawa

I was followed by the Yorkshire Ripper in 1980 – we must finally accept he was bad, not mad  by Julie Bindel

A 14-year-old girl is accused of killing her allegedly abusive father by Melissa Jeltsen

How I’ve helped teach boys that girls are boring and unimportant by Kasey Edwards

Coming out as ‘non-binary’ throws other women under the bus by Susan Cox  via @FeministCurrent

My afro isn’t superficial — it’s political via @FeministCurrent

Self-Care or Speaking Out? A Black Feminist Dilemma by @ClaireShrugged

Do They or Don’t They?: On Black Lives, Fruitless Sacrifices, & What It Really Means to Be a Warrior  by @writermrsmith

Venus Williams: Tennis’s Big Sister by Christienna Fryar  via @WritersofColour


The unscrupulous firms profiting from homelessness and domestic abuse by Dawn Foster

When Is Twitter Going to Crack Down on White People Calling Black People ‘N*gg*r’? by @ClaireShrugged   via @heatstreet

High court rules in favour of rape victim who retracted accusation under duress by Helen Pidd

What My Divorce Taught Me About Latent Sexism In The Financial System by Dena Landon

Breastfeeding: The dangerous obsession with the infant feeding interval by Emma Pickett

The reporting of India Chipchase’s murder shows the true extent of Britain’s rape culture by @sarahditum

Ladies, if you’re thinking about checking out Orlando Bloom’s naked pictures, think again by Grace Dent

Serious Academic: Why I Engage Online  via @menysnoweballes

The Left’s Abandonment of Females by Julian Vigo

We need to call breast-binding what it really is via @Glosswitch

She Sells Seashells: The Fascinating Truth Behind This Old Tongue Twister By Laura Caseley

How one small change made a big difference to keep kids in school by Allison Slater Tate

The Not-So-Mysterious Female Orgasm, Medieval Clitorises, and the Definition of Sex via @LucyAllenFWR

Mothering is not masochism: at All MothersWork

Refugees in their own land: how Indigenous people are still homeless in modern Australia by Geordan Shannon

Venezuela’s young women opting for sterilization amid brutal recession by Alexandra Ulmer

Sister act: female friendship in fiction from Woolf to Ferrante and Zadie Smith by Alex Clark

The Polarity of Gender  via @heatstreet

Sunflowers (a poem for Black Lives)  via @resistasista

I am a Common Woman Making Space for Other Common Women to Emerge at CRASHCHAOSCATS

On self-hate and becoming someone else at Purple Sage Feminist

The Refugee Olympic Team is a Vast Light in a Sea of Darkness  by Shireen Ahmed via @WritersofColour

The Snowflake Awards: A Review of White Feminism™ in Pop Culture by @GoddessKerriLyn via @RoomOfOurOwn



A cycle of violence: when a woman’s murder is called ‘understandable’ by Laura Bates

Dismissing violence against women is misogynistic by Bella Solanum via @RoomOfOurOwn

Minding our language by @strifejournal via @RoomOfOurOwn

On Fake Hair and African Liberation by unculturedsisterhood

Intersectionality – a Definition, History, and Guide by @ClaireShrugged

Suicide rates in women’s prison have soared amid ‘horrifying levels of self harm’ by Rachael Pells

‘I begged them to kill me instead’: women in South Sudan raped under nose of UN | Simona Foltyn

It’s not Muslims who are most likely to kill you in terrorist attacks – it’s men by Janey Stephenson

Meet the hot, funny, carefree Cool Mums – the maternal version of the Cool Girl by @glosswitch

Sorry, but it’s complicated by @wordspinster

Fire Dream  via @mieprowan

Non-binary identity and gender critical feminism: similarities and differences at Purple Sage Feminist

The triumph of the pornographers by Lierre Keith via @FeministCurrent

Sex-pozzies and their “feminist porn” by Purple Sage Feminist


Mass murderers have one thing in common – and it’s not a ‘women’s problem’ by Joan Smith

Ivanka Trump endorses Hillary Clinton’s positions on equal pay, family leave by Jessica Winter

The prostitution debate has become mired in libertarian thinking  by @raycstory

The R.N.C. on TV: Ivanka’s Weaponized Graciousness  via @emilynussbaum

Pakistan’s Qandeel- Whether you like it or not  @ZaimalA

I have an idea: Let’s stop telling women how to give birth  by @renegademama1

Flotsam and Jetsam: Watery Womanhood  via @menysnoweballes

No One Likes Meg by Sarah Blackwood & Sarah Mesle

Thousands of women unknowingly have intrusive photos shared on Twitter by  Elle Hunt

The Brexit benefits timebomb is ticking for poor working families

You Have Nothing to Fear But Yourselves: A Retort to the GOP via by the Bluest I  http://buff.ly/2a2U0Wv

Who knitted Jeremy Corbyn’s jumper?  via @Glosswitch

Individualism and Gender “Identity” at RadLez

The new “public health crisis” strategy for opposing porn at Purple Sage Feminist

Human biology is whatever we want it to be at Purple Sage Feminist

Open letter to Justin Trudeau & Jody Wilson-Raybould: Help us end prostitution in Canada via @FeministCurrent

The Controversial Discussion We’re Not Having at Feminist Valkyrie


On the killing of Qandeel Baloch via @BinaShah

The Work Programme and The Erasure of the Value of Women’s Work by @FrothyDragon

Being Weird and Black Doesn’t Mean You’re Interested in Being White – by Heather Jones

What Susan Faludi learned from her dad Stefánie by @sarahditum

Not the revolution…but not the end of the world by @wordspinster at @strifejournal

12 Summer Reads for Revolutionary Black Women at For Harriet

How being bullied as a kid carries over to adulthood (it’s not all bad): by Kate Baggely

The fake cures for autism that can prove deadly | Frances Ryan

Rae Story on neoliberalism, ‘sex work,’ and the ‘middle-classing’ of prostitution via @FeministCurrent

Oscar Pistorius sentence: an homage to celebrity and white privilege by Ranjeni Munusamy

I Assumed It Was Racism—It Was Patriarchy by Akiba Solomon

Why are we still pretending women don’t have pubic hair? by Marisa Bate

Post-Brexit, time to question neocolonialism. –  via @MsAfropolitan

Women writers get less credit. So, what are we doing about it? by Maddie Crum

Not your feminist dream girl by Raquel Rosario Sanchez  via @FeministCurrent


The Reluctant Memoirist by Suki Kim

Donald Trump’s Rape Metaphor Says More About Him Than About Rape by Soraya Chemaly

‘We don’t know if your baby’s a boy or a girl’: growing up intersex by Jenny Kleeman

Britain’s raging racism calls for more than symbolic safety pins by @MayaGoodfellow

Post-Brexit, time to question neocolonialism.  via @MsAfropolitan

Patriarchy and the Establishment of ‘Objective Facts’: The Narrative is Already Gendered by @LucyAllenFWR

Just Why Were Renaissance Babies so Ugly? by @LeArtCorner

Arctic Ramadan: fasting in land of midnight sun comes with a challenge by Ashifa Kassam

Woman up! In praise of Nicola Sturgeon by @wordspinister

Book list for black girls II: reflections of identity, by authors of colour by Congo Muse

‘The Arrangements’: A Work of Fiction by By CHIMAMANDA NGOZI ADICHIE

The UN declares the UK’s austerity policies in breach of international human rights obligations by ANNA LESZKIEWICZ

Why Germans Are So Angry About This Rape Case by Anna Silman

Donald Trump is facing a child rape lawsuit. Why aren’t we talking about it? by Clementine Ford


I’ve never felt less welcome in this country” | Maya Goodfellow

Why calls for Londependence display not elitism, but a deep-seated fear  via @WritersofColour

On bodies that don’t bounce back via @WritersofColour

These are scary times for people of colour. It’s time for a big conversation | Lola Okolosie

Lynsey Hanley on Divided Britain

Second-wave feminism gets a bum rap. Let’s amend the record. by Laura Miller

Domestic Abuse Can Deny Women Their Vote – Here’s How  by @pollyn1

Becoming Wild Women –  via @MsAfropolitan

This Poem is Not ‘Relatable’: Carol Ann Duffy and Tory Grammar  via @LucyAllenFWR

Jack the Ripper. Not a love story. Not a romance. … by @sianushka

Writing as a Feminist – a Speech  by @ClaireShrugged


FGM as spectacle: the dehumanisation and commodification of the black girl  via @WritersofColour

Even with “inclusive” Shakespeare, whiteness takes priority by @KellyKanayama  via @WritersofColour

Hands of Flesh, Hands of Iron by Poppy O’Neill via @DangerousWomen_

The books world is a massive diversity fail – here’s how we change it by Catherine Johnson

Leading questions by @wordspinster

In Orlando, as Usual, Domestic Violence Was Ignored Red Flag by @schemaly  via @rollingstone

Britain has confused social sociopathy for economic debate by Chimene Suleyman  via @WritersofColour

Shooters of color are called ‘terrorists’ and ‘thugs.’ Why are white shooters called ‘mentally ill’? by Anthea Butler

The Stanford rape and the social media effect by Winnie M Li

Home Office refuses to reveal whether women in Yarl’s Wood have been raped in case it ‘damages the commercial interests’ of companies by Siobhan Fenton

The images of Reeva Steenkamp’s corpse invade her privacy, even in death by Marianne Thamm

We are Not Orlando: Spurious Community Building and the Failure to Name the Problem via @LucyAllenFWR

Why the silence on the scandal of unpaid child maintenance? | Polly Toynbee

“STOP! Read This Before You Post Another RIP on Social Media” by Taya Dunn Johnson

Omar Mateen’s domestic violence was a clue to his murderous future | Suzanne Moore

Amnesty International and Emily Bazelon whitewash prostitution, leaving Indigenous women and girls to deal with the consequences by Cherry Smiley

Brock Turner and porn users share a culture of sexual entitlement via @FeministCurrent

Whose women?  by @wordspinster

Rape Culture and “Twenty Minutes of Action”  by @NatCounterPunch


On gender and hierarchies by @saramsalem

Sexy Swimsuit Babies – Planting the Seed of Sexualisation  

Amber Heard, and the grotesque disparity in how men and women are treated in cases of domestic violence by Sali Hughes

As the Johnny Depp domestic abuse claims reveal, we are too quick to make excuses for men we admire by @sarahditum

Girls Sold into Marriage In Exchange for Money, Animals and Food via @andrews_cath

To ignore someone’s educational background isn’t “fair play” – it perpetuates inequality by @glosswitch

Bitter Women by

Predatory Peacekeepers – UN Soldiers Are Committing Widespread Child Rape by @ClairesShrugged

In Defense of Unlikable Women by Kameron Hurley

Internet mob shames mom in Harambe’s name by Rebecca Hains

The Tarot Of The Silicon Dawn by

The anti-porn movement is growing. The public is just catching up. by Haley Halverston

Creative work might not make big bucks, but we must value it. by @sianushka

Amber Heard and the ‘perfect victim’ myth that prevents women speaking up by @sianushka

Misogyny, machines, and the media, or: how science should not be reported by Claire Hardaker

Tomboy via @headinbook

Here’s The Powerful Letter The Stanford Victim Read To Her Attacker  via @katiejmbaker

The hardest letter I’ve ever written [tw: sexual abuse]  via @resistasista

German ‘Lady*fest’ declares clitoris ‘exclusionary’ by Susan Cox

Everyday Feminism pulls article by Alice Dreger about sex ed; cites disagreement about ‘trans issues’  by Meghan Murphy



A Woman’s Story: My Personal Experience of Going Through the Policing and Judicial System After Being Raped by anonymous.

DC Metro rape highlights why women are always aware of rape by @schemaly

Raped beyond speed by Rebecca Mott

Yes, hating the Kardashians is misogynist by Susan Cox

Sauce for the goose by @wordspinster

Bitter Women  by @raycstory

Amnesty International confirms it no longer supports women’s human rights via @FeministCurrent

Don’t Believe Brexiters: The Battle to Save the NHS Starts Now by @madomasi

What is a woman? In defence of a Radical Future by Elsa Field

We Cannot Continue to Overlook ‘High-Functioning’ Depression – Amanda Leventhal

Mind your own womb  via @nadirah_angail

Why the World Needs a UN Leader Who Stands Up for Human Rights by Anna Neistat


Confessions of a Mumbler at She Means Well But

Women & writing: A celebration of true greatness by @AliyaMughal1

Picking apart the mother-blaming that takes place with abused mothers by @monk_laura

Girl and Woman @Carregonnen

My Mother & I: A Love Story by Petals fall from my afro like autumn

Azealia Banks’ Twitter Ban Reminds Us Freedom Of Speech Is For Whites Only by Carol Hood

Dress Rules for Women over 40 by @LynnCSchreiber

Oh midwives, you are so wrong about abortion by Eva Wiseman

Beyoncé and Resistance by Désirée Wariaro

Why I won’t accept the politics of gender identity by anonymous

‘I’m Good With Not Talking’: On Living With Social Anxiety by Shannon Fuller- Role Reboot

Not My Shame – a graphic novel by Tamsin Walker

Shrinking Space, Expanding Mind, Raising Voices  via @VOlorenshaw

Tomato, Potato via @chellifluous

Ain’t I a Woman? Racism in the Feminist Movement by @ClaireShrugged

On watching ‘White Feminist’ TV when you’re a black girl by Zeba Blay

To Those Who Say Chronically Ill People Are ‘So Lucky’ Not to Work Full-Time  via @themightysite


Former Columbia Student Accused Of Rape Argues That “Rapist” Is A “Gendered Slur” by Miranda Katz

The devastating irony of calling UN troops ‘peacekeepers’ by Ruby Hamad

In the Frame –  a critical look at the linguistic framing of current debates on prostitution  via @RoomOfOurOwn

Moving Beyond Pain by bell hooks

Tomato, Potato via @chellifluous

Shrinking Space, Expanding Mind, Raising Voices  via @VOlorenshaw

Men Speak, Women Appear by @wordspinster

Legalization has turned Germany into the ‘Bordello of Europe’ and we should be ashamed  via @FeministCurrent

Domestic Violence Kills More People Than Wars, Global Study Finds by Tara-Culp-Ressler

What makes revenge porn such a sinister crime? | Eva Wiseman

Why I won’t be seeing Woody Allen’s new film by Melissa Silverstein

Why My Son Needs Feminism  by @JENDELLA

Why are black girls killing each other – or trying to?  by @JENDELLA via @WritersofColour

For immigrants in today’s Britain, is ‘integration’ an unachievable ideal?  by Sabeena Akhtar

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I Am a Rape Victim, Not a Survivor  via @xojanedotcom

The Personal is Political by Carol Hanisch

“Why the VAWG hustings was so important to me” by @KFOkanlawon

My Name Is Madeline Wilson, And My College Is Protecting My Rapist  via @xojanedotcom


“Men have taken away a woman’s right to simply say no to their advances.” by @queencharlene95

A man’s most sensitive skin is at the tip of his ego via Liberation Collective

Abusive relationship’. When did this become a thing? by @SparkEquip

Australian Embassy in London Lit Up with Faces of Dead Refugees via @WritersofColour

Zwarte Piet is a product of the Netherlands’ long involvement in the slave trade  via @WritersofColour

Florynce “Flo” Kennedy – Carolyn Gage

Voices at an exhibition by @wordspinster

In the frame a critical look at the linguistic framing of current debates on prostitution. by @wordspinster

How have we come to this? by Yasmin Rehman

Your Silence Will Not Protect You: Racism in the Feminist Movement by @ClaireShrugged

The incredible importance of boxer shorts by Purple Sage Feminist

The Outsider Within: Racism in the Feminist Movement (Part 2) by ‪@ClaireShrugged ‪  via ‪@RoomOfOurOwn

Silence, Suffering, and a Shakespearean ‘Cutted Up Pear’  via @LucyAllenFWR


Tiny proportion of stalking cases recorded by police, data suggests by Kate Lyons

Reclaiming Misandry: I Hate Men.  via @raycstory

Your Silence Will Not Protect You: Racism in the Feminist Movement by @ClaireShrugged

Why Aren’t We Talking About How Boys And Men Feel About A Woman President? by @schemaly

Would Fewer People Get Killed if More Police Officers Were Women? via @schemaly

This is how a lifetime of potentially dangerous situations affects every woman. by Gretchen Kelly

Why elderly deaths from abuse are part of wider pattern of violence against women by Hannah Bows

The Smurfette Principle by @KathaPollitt

Little help for survivors of Central African Republic abuses  by Krista Larson

The UN must smash the culture of impunity that lets peacekeepers get away with child abuse by Sam Asumadu and 

A Rape Survivor Speaks Out About Transgender Bathrooms by Kaeley Triller

I wasn’t the daughter she wanted and she wasn’t the mother I needed by Elaine Kingette

Is porn immoral? That doesn’t matter: It’s a public health crisis by @GailDines

So Many Abused Women and Children Are Being Failed By the Family Courts  by anonymous

Giving birth in a dictatorship via @extreme_crochet

The value of diversity: Could you do your job without getting paid?  by Henna Zamurd-Butt and Kelly Kanayama

“Renouncing ‘cisterhood’: personal musings” by @ellegist

All porn is revenge porn  via @FeministCurrent

Do women-only transit options, like Uber For Women, reinforce harmful gender roles? by Susan Cox

The Girlfriend Experience ignores the true meaning of the term by RAQUEL ROSARIO SANCHEZ


Confessions of a Radical Doula by ELISA ALBERT

Speaking of Prostitution: Arguments and Counterarguments by Kvinnofronten

Why Talented Black and Hispanic Students Can Go Undiscovered by @dynarski

“Understanding Patriarchy” by bell hooks

Too much boob – not enough woman: Undressed at the V by @TanyaGold1

Sexism and the sisterhood in the corridors of power by @cathynewman

Five Wounds by Katharine Edgar by Millie Slavidou

The surprising news that Shared Parental Leave is only for recent parents by Megan Stodel via @thefworduk

The UN’s Good vs. Bad Narrative Clears the Way for Sexual Violence and Impunity by @MayaGoodfellow

Why the Panama Papers are a feminist issue  via @openDemocracy

Women given tents instead of accommodation when leaving London prison, inspection reveals by Rachael Pells

The Legacy Of The Kobe Bryant Rape Case by Lindsay Gibbs

Football doesn’t cause domestic abuse, men do by Marsha Scott

The right way for women to disappear  via @Glosswitch

Default: male  by  @wordspinster

The Rational vs. the Emotional – or feeling/knowing by @saramsalem

Keep your politics out of our pants: why every woman has a right to choose via @WomanAsSubject

Here’s hoping Bruce Springsteen & Bryan Adams boycott xHamster, too via @FeministCurrent

On trigger warnings, PTSD, and Stephen Fry (TW-non-graphic refs to rape & SH)  via @LUBOttom

A basic income guarantee is both feasible and feminist via @FeministCurrent

The Confidence of the Mediocre White Man: Stephen Fry, QI and Rape Culture  via @LucyAllenFWR


Why the AP’s Decision to Avoid the Phrase “Child Prostitute” Matters @rights4girls

The Queens of Nonfiction: 56 Women Journalists Everyone Should Read by Ann Friedman

Adrienne Rich’s Feminist Awakening by Michelle Dean

Rocks, Hard Places, and the (Lesbian) Interpretation of Literary Texts  via @LucyAllenFWR

In Canada, Indigenous women are five times more likely to die a violent death by MELINA LABOUCAN-MASSIMO

Chewing (and Swallowing) the Fat  via @chellifluous

Charlie Hebdo said something so Islamophobic that it just might fuel terrorism by Guilaine Kinouani

Somali Journal Launches Without any Somali Voices, Highlighting Another Case of White Privilege in Academia by Huda Hassan

Let’s Talk about Rape (Pt 1) by @helen_a15

Let’s talk about rape pt 2 by @helen_a15

Reading Audre Lorde is changing my life by @psycho_claire.

Sex trade survivors deserve the chance to speak  by Meagan Tyler

Real change for aboriginal women begins with the end of prostitution by Cherry Smiley

Who owns gender by ‪@StrifeJournal

The personal is political – living feminist politics by ‪@saramsalem

A Vindication of the Rights of Rapists? by ‪@sisterhooduk ‪http://buff.ly/1XiO3Bw 

‪#sharedgirlhood‪: puberty by Bella Solanum http://buff.ly/1qvI9CN 

Party Lines – on Women’s Equality Party by ‪@strifejournal

Setting the Tone by ‪@strifejournal ‪ 

Women Only by ‪@PortiaSmart

If you think feminism is winning, read this. (content note) by ‪@LucyAllenFWR

Bigoted or Brave? A Response to CBBC by Not the News in Brief

Minding our language by ‪@strifejournal

Dismissing violence against women is misogynistic by Bella Solanum

Making money is not a vice, but refusing to contribute tax is by Suzanne Moore

 We need to talk about the process by ‪@strifejournal

On Fake Hair and African Liberation by ‪@EstellaMz

The Bartered Sex by ‪@EstellaMz

When is a library not a library? via @stellduffy

Who Has Abortions? by Katha Pollitt

Thomas Jefferson spent years raping his slave Sally Hemings. A new novel treats their relationship as a love story. by Constance Grady


He might not be a terrorist, but can we stop calling the EgyptAir hijacker a ‘lovesick Romeo’? by Jenny Noyes

There is an epidemic of missing women and girls of colour in the UK by @chimenesuleyman

“Why doesn’t she just leave?” 5 subtle ways women are blamed for experiencing domestic abuse via @WomanAsSubject

Lesbian sex wars in the 1980s  by Purple Sage Feminist

The problem with pornography has little to do with ‘consent’ via @FeministCurrent

Rocks, Hard Places, and the (Lesbian) Interpretation of Literary Texts via @LucyAllenFWR

I’m Irish but not white. Why is that still a problem 100 years after the Easter Rising? by Emma Dabiri

Cyber Trolls and the Ineluctability of Online Abuse by Julian Vigo

Domestic Violence victims still need to be perfect to be deemed “Real” victims  by  @herbeattitude

Victim blaming is not just about hurt feelings. It helps create more victims. by Effie Perine

Passing Moments by @Carregonnen

Quicksand Worrier by Obscure & Unnecessary Drama



Why The New Year’s Attacks On Women In Germany Weren’t Even A Crime  via @itsjina

Rocks, Hard Places, and the (Lesbian) Interpretation of Literary Texts  via @LucyAllenFWR

How Jian Ghomeshi Pulled the Feminist Wool Over Everyone’s Eyes by Gail Dines

‘I’m too young to die’: the disease of disadvantage forcing Indigenous children to have open-heart surgery by Melissa Davey

Europe’s refugee plan is so inhumane, Doctors Without Borders is refusing to work with it by Amanda Taub

An Open Letter to the Lambda Literary Foundation by Alice Dreger

The difference between feminism and women’s liberation by Amanda Sebestyen

Prostitution law and policy in England – the limits of liberalism by Natasha Mulvihill

I Hope The Ghomeshi Verdict Makes You Fucking Furious via @scaachi

What I wish I’d known before testifying in the Ghomeshi trial by Sarah Boesveld

Zac Goldsmith embraces racial stereotypes and colonial tactics in a bid for the minority vote by Danika Parikh

On Ghomeshi, our conversation needs to extend beyond ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’ via @FeministCurrent

Celebrating the Little Things via @Sabina_Writer


7 Reasons Why Your Two Week Trip To Haiti Doesn’t Matter: Calling Bull on “Service Trips” – by Michelle Lynn Stanton

Children should learn mainly through play until age of eight, says Lego by Lucy Ward

#TheTrashies: Decolonising the White Gaze by @ClaireShrugged
via @WritersofColour

The macabre truth of gun control in the US is that toddlers kill more people than terrorists do by Lindy West

Does Imposing Queer Theory Really Lead to Safe Schools? by Laura McNally

Yarl’s Wood detainees allege guards are having sexual relationships with vulnerable women by Siobhan Fenton

“What it’s like to be that fat person sitting next to you on the plane.” by Your Fat Friend

Author Helen Oyeyemi on the Politics—or Not—of Writing Black Female Characters

It’s great that Emma Watson is standing up for feminism – but by Rosie Fletcher

Who owns gender by

Talking about gender by

The Pontifical Council for Culture has an agenda on women: the same tired old cage by Suppressed Histories 

The last thing we need is ‘transgender days’ for primary pupils by Jemima Lewis

Dictionaries, dick-tionaries and dyketionaries by

Choice’ for women remains a loaded term. by Shack Diaries

Feeling divided from other lesbians by Purple Sage Feminist

Microsoft sexualizes teen girls during Game Developer Conference, liberal feminist confusion ensues by Feminist Current

Voting With My Feet (An Open Letter to Nicky Morgan) via @headinbook

Breastfeeding and Jamie Oliver by @MurderofGoths

Success is defined as white and male – a new school curriculum could change that by @MayaGoodfellow

Nude selfies by Purple Sage Feminist

Neoliberalism, Higher Education and Sanaz Raji’s Struggle for Justice by Amrit Wilson

‘Palatable Victimhood’ and the Callous Hierarchies of Power within Student Politics  via @WritersofColour


American Girl dolls promote empowerment, at $115 a pop by Samantha Cooney

International Women’s Day and why you should never apologise for being a feminist by @mummytolittlee

Dear Jeremy Corbyn http://wp.me/p5jnEJ-78 via @annadjinn

Homework is wrecking our kids: The research is clear let’s ban elementary homework by HEATHER SHUMAKER

Women and Folk Art in the Eyes of Male Artists: Yet more Cultural Femicide by

11 must-read biographies about incredible women by Jenavieve Hatch

A modest proposal for making the sex industry safer – make punters get a licence by @sarahditum

White Men Dancing: Disability and other ‘Lifestyle’ Choices by @madomasi

A Black Feminist on the Blame Game at The Bluest i

defining the f word: why we need to be radical with feminism by @meghanmurphy

Pigmentocracy Goddam  at The Bluest i

What My Mum Went Through by Helen Saxby

Do women and men write differently? by @wordspinster

On repetition and power by @saramsalem

On emotions, vulnerability, and strong women  by @saramsalem

“Curvy sexylicious” vs Plus Size by @Murderofgoths

James Deen, feminist or rapist? by Laura McNally

The Forgotten Story Of The Women Behind The British Black Panthers by Heather Agyepong

The Theft of Innocence: Voluntourism and Child Sexual Abuse by @samirasawlani



The Colourblind Doctrine by Cristine Edusi via @WritersofColour

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