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This is a women-only feminist space so I do not publish comments written by men.

I do not publish comments which are:

  • misogynistic
  • racist
  • homophobic
  • disablism
  • classist
  • abusive
  • use victim blaming language
  • suggest women are “hysterical” or “over-reacting”
  • use any form of gendered language which is abusive to women

There is no such thing as free speech so don’t bother whining about deleting comments violating free speech.

3 thoughts on “Comments Policy”

  1. You are right and also wrong in as much as from personal experience recently where my husband got very angry but no violent the police were called by an outsider and he was arrested and charged with assault to which he pleaded guilty to avoid my attending court.
    I wish he had pleaded not guilty as I would not have appeared in court anyway. The poice over reacted and made certain fallacious assumptions. This was compounded by a police women who attended being an advocate advising me to get a divorce,and saying he won’t change only get worse.
    Turns out she had had too failed marriages [said to be abusive? maybe she was the problem?] and therefore was biased and should not have been involved in any domestic violence incidents .
    This has caused no end iof grief since it occured both psycholgical and finantial for me and my husband. We are a loving couple of many years. We are mature intelligent people but have a bit of a “Liz and Dick” relationship.
    To make abroad statement that men are getting away with abusive behavior is not true however at appears that the authorities have gone haywire the other way and are completely over the top. One size does not fit all. Common sense and an even handed approach is required. Not happening in my experienced opinion

  2. I am a survivor, but just can’t wrap my head around this. I am really trying. I guess I need to read more concerning it.Shocking. I have always loved him.
    What has DB said concerning these allegations?

  3. Hey,

    Thanks for not being another rape apologist.

    My mother was raped by a relative, when she was 14. It went on for years. That’s the act, not the damage. The damage will always be there.

    I also was sexually abused when younger. So was my ex wife. So have been many women and men.

    Thanks for not glossing over the David Bowie thing. It’s repulsive to think that people can give ANYONE a pass for such behavior.


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