PETA’s “Angels”

PETA’s Angels for Animals Angels for Animals campaign is pretty tiresome having been clearly ripped off of the Victoria Secrets Angels twaddle. I get the whole “it’s better to adopt animals than buy them from illegal or incompetent breeders”; after all, our cats were all adopted from the SSPCA. The puppy farms which are unregulated and appalling do profit from the abuse and torture of animals. I’ve seen far too many inbred animals with serious, long-term health problems because of the immoral practises of the Patriarchy. But, putting angel wings on the nearly nude body of a very young women doesn’t say anything about animal cruelty. It speaks a lot about the wanking habits of middle-aged creeps.

Oddly, the Catholic Church was kinda pissed about this image. Mostly, I just looked at this and thought: dull, tedious and over-done image. It’s the same old objectification of women’s bodies using religious imagery that’s been around for a thousand years. It’s really just pathetic.

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