Recommended Writing by Women

Feminist Blogs

A Woman Alone

Bella Solanum

Bottom face

Carregonnen’s Blog


Deeva’s Corner

Exiled Stardust

Fat Fem Pinup


Feminist At Sea

Feminist Borgia


Feminist UK

Frothy Dragon and the Patriarchal Stone


God Loves Women

Gradiant Lair

Head in Books


Hiding Under the Bed is Not the Answer

It’s Just Not Feminine

It’s Not a Zero Sum Game


Karen Ingala Smith

Katharine Edgar

language: a feminist guide

Laura McNally

Life in the Patriarchal Mix


Ms Afropolitan

Murder of Goths


One Woman’s Thoughts

Opinionated Planet


Pass the Flaming Sword

Portia Smart

Purple Sage

Reading Medieval Books

Rebecca Mott

Root Veg

Roweena Russell

Salt and Caramel: not just the sweet side of life

Shack Diaries

Sian and Crooked Rib

Sisterhood is Powerful

Smash the Patriarchy

The Koori Woman

The Not So Quiet Feminist 

Too Much To Say for Myself

The Personal is Political After All

Uncultured Sisterhood

Woman as Subject

Feminist Collectives & Magazines

A Room of Our Own: A Feminist/ Womanist Network

Bad Housekeeping

Feminist Current

For Harriet: Celebrating the Fullness of Black Womanhood

Media Diversified

Radical Feminist Archives

RadFem Repost

The Feminist Revolution

The Liberation Collective

Trouble & Strife





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