National Stalking Awareness Day

I have to be honest here. I only heard about this today; via the ultimate news source which is Twitter. Considering stalking is an incredibly harmful illegal activity whose cost, both financially and emotionally, is immense, I would have thought it would have been more newsworthy. Apparently, not so much.

This is the information taken directly from Action Scotland Against Stalking website:

National Stalking Awareness Day, 18th April 2012

We invite all organisations across the country to participate in this landmark historical day.

On 18th April 2012, Scotland, England and Wales will declare a national campaign to promote a Zero Tolerance to Stalking.

“Stalking not in our Country!” Has evolved from the changes in Scottish law and the subsequent Parliamentary Stalking Enquiry and the Home Office consultation of the 1997 Harassment Act.

The campaign will be led by the Scottish National Stalking Group and supported by The Scottish Government.

This event marks the launch of ‘National Stalking Awareness Day- Talking Stalking’ and the formation of the UK National Stalking Alliance, and should go down in history as a momentous occasion.

Students across the UK will also declare Zero Tolerance to Stalking under the banner of “Stalking – Not on our Campuses”.

The launch of student’s national stalking awareness day is being led by Glasgow Caledonian University Glasgow and Bedfordshire University in England. NUS Scotland launched their priority campaign ‘Stalking- Not on our Campuses’ in 2011, and many of Scotland’s universities have already adopted the new NUS anti stalking policy.

An innovative approach by Ayr College saw stalking awareness being introduced into their curriculum learning development module. Ayr College has since been supporting and advising other colleges who wish to help raise awareness to the dangers of campus stalking.

‘National Stalking Awareness Day’ will be officially launched by Justice Secretary Kenny McAskill at the Scottish Parliament and Baroness Brinton will launch the event at Westminster.

Members of the House of Parliament, Peers, the Parliamentary Enquiry Committee. The Home Office, Association of Chief Police Officers, Charities, Government funded organisations and Victim support services will join Mr McAskill, members of the Scottish National Stalking Group & guests to celebrate the successes in Scotland and England over the past year and encourage people across the country to get involved.

There will be live links to these events by video, and news coverage.

The support of the Scottish Government and Westminster will be a strong advocate for further action across the country.

We will continue to promote the success of the Suzy Lamplugh Trust National Stalking Helpline.

Kristiana Wrixon Manager of the National Stalking Helpline reminds us

“It is two years since the launch of the National Stalking Helpline and the service is receiving more calls than ever before from people reporting obsessive, unwanted behaviour that is blighting their lives. Fifty percent of people who contact the Helpline have not reported the matter to the police and 86% don’t know that they could seek advice from a solicitor. The people we speak with know they are scared, know that they are in danger, know that their lives are being turned upside down but too often they don’t know that they can get help.” 

Let’s keep “Talking Stalking”.

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