P&G’s Stupid "Thank You Mum" Campaign Redux: The Boycott

Yesterday, I blogged my loathing for the sickly, obnoxious and totally misogynistic twaddle that Proctor & Gamble thinks is a good advertising campaign leading up to the Olympics. Judging by the reaction [and retweets] of my blogpost, I’m not the only one who is offended by this tripe. It’s one of the most ill-judged advertising campaigns I’ve seen in a while. It’s on par with the Outdoor Advertising Agency’s attempt at social media via slurring the characters of all working mothers [I’d link to the genius haikus written by the ever brilliant members of MN but Gary-The-Ad-Man was kinda whiny and they had to be deleted].

It’s a pile of shite and one deserving of its own campaign to let P&G know just how offended we are by the assumption that the only role mothers have is as skivvies and silent cheerleaders. Just what P&G thinks Paula Radcliffe, currently their ambassador for Pampers, does for a living is beyond me. Or, have they simply failed to notice the woman is an Olympian and a mother?

Helpfully, P&G have supplied contact details and a FB page on which customers can place their constructive concerns about the overwhelming fuckwittery that went into this campaign.

For a full list of assets and information related to the P&G’s ‘Thank You, Mum’s’ campaign, including photos and video, please contact:

Rosalind Jeffcoat: Rosalind.jeffcoat@hillandknowlton.com
Sophie Horton: Sophie.horton@hillandknowlton.com

FB: www.facebook.com/thankyoumum

There are a variety of contact details here. General enquiries by phone can be made here: +44 (0)1932 896000 or + 44 (0)191 297 5000

Should you choose to boycott, this is a list of some of P&G’s major brands:

Head & Shoulders

In a remarkable coincidence which in no way reflects the relative intelligence of our cats [because they are all on the nincompoop spectrum], we can now boycott Iams as the cats loathe the new and improved Iams Light recipe. The fact that they won’t eat any other brand is a slight problem but one we shall overcome.

One thought on “P&G’s Stupid "Thank You Mum" Campaign Redux: The Boycott”

  1. Just in case it’s helpful, we’ve just switched from Iams/Hills to Applaws kibble and we’ve seen a marked improvement in our little cats appetite. She’s suddenly excited about every meal! We usually buy it online, but I think pets at home have started carrying it too. (I promise I don’t work for them, I’ve just been really impressed.)

    As for P&G, I want to know when every mother across the country will be receiving their sponsorship cheque. Patronising twaddle.

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