#DickheadDetox: Sean Penn for Domestic Violence

Sean Penn is one of the most famous of the leftwing, right-on Dudebros of Hollywood. Read any media story and it will be a litany of his Oscars and his running about being a ‘nice guy’. He was on the ground after Hurricane Katrina and the Haitian earthquake. He’s one of the celebrities involved with the “Real men don’t buy girls campaign“, a campaign which features a number of problematic Dudebros like Justin Timberlake.

He also has a long history of alcohol misuse and violence including assaulting his then-wife Madonna. Oddly, the history of violence rarely gets mentioned.

I say ‘oddly”, I meant obviously. After all, rich white men being held accountable for their violence isn’t exactly a common feature of our world. And, let’s be brutally honest here: Chris Brown’s vicious assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna did not hurt his career in any way shape or form. However, his history of violence hasn’t been erased because he is Black.

Make a couple of good movies and we forgive anything. Isn’t that the lessons we learned from Polanski?

Sean Penn is a violent man. He has multiple convictions for violence against other men. There are two incidents of extreme violence perpetrated against Madonna during their marriage: one of which resulted in her hospitalisation after Penn assaulted her with a baseball bat. The second involved Penn assaulting and then tying up Madonna and leaving her in the house bound and gagged.

Erasing his history of violence because he’s an actor is woman-hating.

Sean Penn belongs on the #DickheadDetox; along with all his apologists.

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