Misogynistic Advertising Walk of Shame: EDF’s "Olympic Thank You"

Nothing says thank you to your customers like women dressed up in skimpy gold medal costumes dancing about. It is so good to see that EDF isn’t at all afraid of using misogyny in its advertising. After all, misogyny is so uncommon. It’s positively genre-breaking to make a commercial involving half-naked women dancing. Oh, wait. That’s like every other commercial around. #advertisingfail

What really fucks me off about the “women as gold medals” ad is that you just know someone is going to come back and say: ooohhh, but they are such good dancers. Well, duh. But, men are damn good dancers too and I doubt anyone in the advertising firm that came up with this shit would ever have thought about using a male dancer.

And, EDF did manage to make an non-misogynistic thank you advertisement which didn’t make me want to rip my hair out. So, why use such derivative, dull shite using the familiar trope of women=object when you have managed to make one which wasn’t stupid?

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