Misogynistic Advertising Walk of Shame: Tampax Pearl’s Mother Nature Twaddle

There’s a whole stack of these stupid, misogynistic ads where “Mother Nature” tries to punish women with their periods for DARING to have a social life. Thankfully, Tampax, the Great Feminist Hero, is on hand to humiliate Mother Nature with their “pearls”. Because, obviously, without Tampax no woman could possibly ever go out in public for fear of accidentally spilling some menstrual blood and possibly poisoning every man in their vicinity.

I can’t even describe how angry the whole “Mother Nature as an evil bitch who hates women” theme makes me. That’s patriarchal arsehattery at its finest. Making a natural part of women’s lives bad and yucky and then blaming it on a woman. Because women need to be punished with their periods. Or, protected from them or something else that’s all kinds of stupid.

Boycotting this shit too.

Bring on the Matriarchal Revolution by reclaiming our bodies and our mooncups [or washable linens].

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