Misogynistic Advertising Walk of Shame: Compeed Blister Pads

I know nothing about sports. I don’t like playing them and I don’t understand people who watch them obsessively on TV [and that’s without getting into the environmentally destructive racing sports which annoy me on several levels]. So, obviously, I didn’t recognise the name Caroline Wozniacki. It is somewhat of a standing joke that I have to google half the references in both the Daily Mail and “women’s magazines”. I don’t read either which saves me time.

Now, the first compeed blister pad advertisement with Caroline Wozniacki isn’t the most misogynistic drivel I’ve ever seen. That Perrier blowjob-whilst-drinking-water ad probably tops my list right now. Yes, the ad features unnecessary close-ups of Wozniacki’s legs just to make sure the audience [who are assumed to be stupid] know that she’s a “girl”. Her black dress is the usual tight, ridiculous signifier of women’s sexuality. So, whilst the ad is sexist, it’s not quite the essence of misogynistic stupidity which annoys the crap out of me.

This advertisement, however, makes me want to rip my hair out. It’s Wozniacki, in a little black dress, playing tennis in high heels. Because all tennis superstars play tennis in their high heels. In high heels that give them blisters. One would think that an athlete would take slightly better care of her feet than to run about in shoes that give her blisters, especially considering she can afford to buy lots of shoes. But, no, in order to sell blister pads to women wearing shoes which don’t fit them properly, we have to turn an athlete into a fucktoy.

How about women stop wearing shoes that give them blisters? Or cause the same damage as Chinese foot-binding; a practise banned because of its inherent cruelty? Then we wouldn’t need blister pads. [and our bodies wouldn’t be crippled with pain].

Then Compeed couldn’t bore the shit out of us with this travesty of stupidity.

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  1. To be fair I sometimes get a blister from a new pair of walking shoes or trainers, it’s not always ridiculous shoes but I agree with the rest of the post.

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