Misogynistic Advertising Walk of Shame: The Continuing Nincompoopery of PETA [TRIGGER WARNING]

I‘ve always thought that PETA were a bunch of misogynistic nincompoops too stupid to understand that a person can care about the abuse and torture of animals without objectifying and torturing the bodies of women. This image of Pamela Anderson exemplifies everything that is wrong with them; and it’s not even the most misogynistic image they’ve ever come up with:

Every time I see a new PETA advertisement, I think they can’t possibly be anymore misogynistic or hypocritical (see Naomi Campbell and the “I’d rather be Naked than Wear Fur campaign). I am consistently wrong. PETA gave up all pretence of humanity when they decided to launch a porn channel in order to raise awareness of animal rights. Because torturing rabbits to test eye make up is more important than the rape and torture of women’s bodies. Here’s a hint: no one should be testing mascara on rabbits. It’s torture. Double anal penetration of a woman’s body: also torture. PETA are the quintessential misogynistic hypocrites with no redeeming features.

Yet, again, I was wrong in the PETA can’t get any worse stakes. I came across the link to PETA’ Superbowl misogynistic bollocks on a Mumsnet thread. I genuinely can’t articulate just how offensive, vile and stupid the [thankfully banned] ad was. Simulating sex with vegetables in order to make vegetarianism look cool is really just pathetic and sad. And horrible and misogynistic. What kind of person converts to vegetarianism after seeing a woman faking an orgasm on a piece of broccoli? Is the animal rights movement so devoid of intelligent members that they have to trawl for support from the clinically stupid? Or, do PETA just not care that their ads are targeted at the sexually inadequate or hypocrites like Naomi Campbell?

I do not buy any beauty products which are tested on animals, including soaps and shampoos. I believe ALL animal testing should be illegal and people who wear fur as a fashion choice are dingbats [although, I do exclude here communities like the Inuit who eat, use, and wear all products from animals they hunt]. I do not believe in any factory-farming or battery caged hens and I do believe that the European/ North American & South American diets are far too dependent on meat which is part of the cause of famines in other areas of the world. I believe everyone reducing their meat intake to no more than once a week while have the benefit of increasing sustainable food production for all. I believe in this despite PETA’s best efforts to the contrary.

I believe PETA’s advertising campaigns buy into the hyper-sexualised and hyper-masculinity culture in which women are treated as no more than Patriarchal fucktoys. PETA support, perpetuate and perpetrate rape culture.

I do wonder how many people PETA put off the animal rights movement with their misogyny? And, how many have joined their cause because it reinforces the construction of women as sub-human?

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