#TeamBreezy: Or, How to Spot Sexist Bucketheads on Twitter

Twitter seems to be running a competition this past week entitled: Spot the Best Misogynist. The competition has been fierce with Chris Brown and Ched Evans’ “fans” fighting to negate their “heroes” convictions for violence against women as a “blip”. One of “Team Breezy’s” [that is Chris Brown to those of us who don’t like to give misogynists fun names] supporters claims that they are: 

@LadyDiana1984 #TeamBreezy is a crazy, goofy, loveable fanbase that loves their crazy, goofy, loveable leader @chrisbrown. 😀

Yep. That lovely man who severely assaulted Rihanna is crazy, goofy and loveable. No offence to Chris Brown’s mother, but loveable isn’t a characteristic I’d contemplate for a man who physically assaulted a woman.

Thing is the “fans” supporting these misogynistic arsewipes are almost more offensive than the men they idolise. Not only are they trying to defend the indefensible [what with Evans being a convicted rapist and Brown convicted for domestic violence], these “fans” think its appropriate to bully, harass, insult and intimidate women on twitter who dare to post on #IBelieveHer in support of Orla Vuss [the name I have given to Evan’s victim rather than refer to her repeatedly in relation to him] and anyone who suggests that Brown isn’t really a role model.

This week saw Feminist Lorrie Hearts being bullied quite viciously by Darren Elmore [and others] on Twitter in the wake of the Daniel Tosh’s “jokes about rape are totally funny” bullshit. She wrote quite eloquently about it here. Hearts has also been quite vocal in supporting Orla Vuss which has resulted in bullying by someone tweeting, without a trace of irony, under the name @JusticeForChed. Thankfully, Twitter has banned that dumbarse. My lovely friend Frothy Dragoon has also experienced online stalking because of her very vocal support for Orla Vuss on her Facebook page I Believe Her and Twitter.

So here’s a checklist on how to identify Sexist Bucketheads on Twitter:

  • they call women stupid 
  • they call women frigid 
  • they call women ugly 
  • they tell women to get back in the kitchen/ make a sandwich, then claim its a joke 
  • they support rapists 
  • they call rape victims liars 
  • they make jokes about rape 
  • they tell women they “over-think” VAW 
  • they “slut-shame” women 
  • they think taking offence is lacking a sense of humour 
  • they tell women to shut up and use other silencing techniques 
  • they glamourise domestic violence 
  • they threaten to rape women they disagree with 
  • they threaten women with rape to make them understand “how things are”
  • they think prostitution is a valid “choice” for women 
  • they think that pornography is “normal” 
  • they insist on derailing every conversation about VAW with the statement “men get raped too” conveniently ignoring that the vast majority of violence men experience is at the hands of other men 
  • they threaten physical violence [and, yes, suggesting someone should be shot in the head for disagreeing with you IS threatening physical violence] they tell women that they shouldn’t complain because other women have it worse 
  • they tell women that they aren’t doing “feminism right” 
  • and, any man who suggests he “owns” feminism actually means “we own women” 

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