Why Am I Not Surprised? Further Evidence of Sexism in the Olympics

According to the Guardian, both Japan and Australia have gone with old-school sexism and sent some of their male teams in Business class whilst the women flew economy. Japan sent its women’s football team in economy despite them being considered a better team internationally [I know nothing about sport in general so I couldn’t comment]. Australia did the same with it’s basketball teams. I’d like to say I’m shocked but that would be a lie. This is same level of sexist nincompoopery that women athletes have to put up with all the time. They are paid less, they get less sponsorship and they very rarely get similar media coverage. Gymnastics and figure skating are possibly the two sports where women get more television coverage; at least that’s my impression but they are the only two sports I actually watch so it’s kind of a skewed survey.

I don’t tend to watch sports in general but we need to start making an effort to support women athletes. And, this means watching only sports played by women [although I do plan on boycotting the Olympics on principle]. It means writing to the BBC and Sky to complain about the lack of coverage of women’s sports and boycotting televised coverage of men’s sports.

And, since I can’t resist, this is my favourite piece of ice dancing and not just because Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz are Canadian:

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