The Misogynistic Advertising Walk of Shame: The Continuing Nincompoopery of Lynx

Now, I’m sure everyone will be as shocked as I am at Lynx having misogynistic advertising. After all, Lynx are the creative geniuses behind this: 

And then there is this gem which isn’t about the objectification of women at all: 

Lynx are clearly on the forefront of the anti-misogyny advertising front. So, I was shocked, horrified and utterly perplexed by this new ad campaign: The Five Types of Women

Because that’s all women are: objectified stereotypes whose sole purpose is to be fucktoys for men. Or, in the case of purchasers of Lynx, teenage boys and “adults” with serious psycho-sexual disorders. After all, these are the kinds of comments Lynx allows on its FB page:

Louis Small She is not a brainy girl… she is a whore with glasses… 

ris Avfc Harrison High maintenance biyatches can suck my fat one. They horrible n fake

These ads just feed our hyper-masculine, hyper-sexualised rape culture wherein women are shamed for being sluts whilst being coerced into trying to fit the requirements of the Patriarchal Fuckability Test. Lynx is just another way for the Fashion-Beauty Complex to punish women whilst capitalising on male insecurities about their sexuality. Lynx isn’t selling pleasure. Its just reinforcing patriarchal conformity and rape culture by constructing and constraining sexuality. I’m not sure who Lynx thinks is their customer base but I do think that the rule: “if the man wears lynx, he’s not worth dating” is a maxim to live by.

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