How to Identify a Misogynist: Neil Wallis takes a Tour through Narcissism.

Otherwise entitled: Reason 347 why I don’t follow men on twitter: unrelenting levels of nincompoopery. Really, no one should be bothering to read anything written by a man so dense but, unfortunately, Neil Wallis is also a former deputy editor of the Sun. You know, one of those aresholes responsible for the Page 3 phenomenon. Suffice it say that I had never heard of Wallis until I read his self-righteous, utterly narcissistic defence of the Page 3 in the Huffington Post complete with unbearably smug quotes of tweets which make him sound like a Hugh Hefner wannabe .

Normally, I wouldn’t even bother responding to the whinging twaddle of misogynists being called on their misogyny but this is such a brilliant piece of mansplainin’ twaddle helpfully called: “Why the Self-Serving Wimmin Who Want to Ban Page 3 Are So Wrong”. Anytime a man uses the term “wimmin”, you know he’s going to be a misogynistic areswipe. When men use words like “hysteria” and “shrill” to describe women they disagree with, you know they are misogynists. 

Anytime a man suggests there is something more important in the world for feminists be focusing on, you know he’s a misogynist. And stupid to boot. Apparently, Wallis is unaware of campaigns on FGM, white slavery , sexual stereotypes, forced marriages and under-age sex. I’m guessing at that rant that Wallis has never actually met a feminist. Apparently, the people who read The Sun are the ones who worry about feeding their kids and paying the rent; not those of who think that Page 3 is nothing more than the objectification of women’s bodies. Yep, that’s us crazy feminists. Worrying about how to pay the rent AND the increasing pornographication of our society. Gosh, it’s like women might be able to think about more than two things at once and that would never, ever do. We get actual opinions backed up by real research and then where would we be? Armageddon perhaps?

Clearly, I missed the memo where feminists are one of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse. I will undertake riding lessons soon so that I am fully prepared for our battalion. After, I manage to make enough money to pay the rent, feed my kids and pay for those pesky riding lessons. Possibly, also after someone finds a cure for horse allergies.

Do feel free to sign the petition against Page 3 here.

When you are free in between learning to ride horses and saving white women from slavery.

3 thoughts on “How to Identify a Misogynist: Neil Wallis takes a Tour through Narcissism.”

  1. ‘When men use words like “hysteria” and “shrill” to describe women they disagree with’

    That would be opposed using a term like “handmaiden” to describe women you disagree with?

  2. I think you fundamentally misunderstand the word handmaiden. Handmaidens are women like Anne Coulter who deliberately set up other women to fail in order to get Patriarchal approval. Most women, including ones I disagree with politically, are just trying to survive the best way they can in a society that hates them solely for having a vagina. Most women aren’t handmaidens. Most women are just struggling to survive.

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