Dear Jezebel,

I regret to inform you that we can no longer be friends. I’ve stuck it out through victim-blaming, poorly researched twaddle like this because, occasionally, you have moments of sheer Feminist brilliance. Unfortunately, your obsession with remaining the Official Handmaiden Cheerleading Squad has become too much for me to bear. I simply can not forgive you for writing this bullshit. The total lack of understanding of rape culture, the blaming of women for feeling denigrated when their partners treat them like fucktoys, and blaming Feminism for women wanting to have good sex on their own terms is so utterly misogynistic that I can no longer waste my time on you. Not when there are women writing about having good sex on their own terms with partners who respect them [regardless of whether or not they are in relationships or just one-night stands]. 

Yours sincerely,


P.S I think you’ll find that it was Feminists who started the campaign for women to have healthy sexual relationships and not ones based on the male orgasm. It was Feminists who changed the language of consent so that men no longer have the legal right to rape their wives. It was Feminists who examined the power dynamics of heteronormativity, PIV, pornography, rape culture and personal sexual desire. To suggest otherwise demonstrates some piss-poor research and critical thinking skills. 

P.P.S Using disablist terms like retardation constitutes hate speech. You might want to run that past your editorial team to prevent further booboos.

P.P.P.S That bit about sticking your finger in your partners anus without consent is, well, sexualised violence [or rape if you don’t live in England/Wales where the legal definition of rape requires the insertion of a penis without consent].

4 thoughts on “Dear Jezebel,”

  1. “If you have to stop and think about whether something is degrading or not, then it probably isn’t.” Wow! [head desk] Take about getting something arse about face (no pun intended)

    Is Jezebel supposed to be a feminist magazine? I can’t quite get my head around a feminist organisation would advocate an article like that. I mean it is like something you would find on an MRA site.

    1. It boggles the mind. Never mind encouraging women to think about their own bodies and their own sexual pleasure, just lie back and balance the cheque book whilst your partner does whatever he wants to you.

    2. And by the same person there is the immortal feminist bingo line “Don’t take yourself so seriously”. I mean, after all bodily integrity is just something us silly little wimmin should devolve to the men. Let them decide where our boundaries lie.

      God it is awful. Truly awful. I feel a bit sick.

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