Another Example of Why The Term "Pro-Life" is Deeply Offensive

In the too little, too late category, two investigations have been opened into the PREVENTABLE death of Savita Halappanavar (31) who was denied a life-saving abortion in Ireland;  you know, the ONLY type of abortion legally available in Ireland. Yet, Halappanavar was denied an abortion to save her life despite the fact that she was miscarrying.  Halappanavar was denied an abortion for 3 days despite repeatedly asking and with the knowledge that the foetus had no chance of survival because her doctors made the decision to deny her a life-saving treatment. Instead, Halappanavar died of septicaemia. 

I can not adequately express how unbelievably angry this makes me. I hate anti-choicers and I am sick of them prancing about calling themselves “pro-life”. They aren’t pro-life. They are hypocritical woman-hating, uterus-controlling anti-choicers and they deserve neither our respect nor our time.

It is just another form of Violence against Women. 

It is just another front in the War on Women

Please join Abortion Rights so that we can continue campaigning to prevent more women from dying because of religious intolerance and medical arrogance. Every woman has the right to an abortion when they need it. No one has the right to deny women this choice.

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