"More Men Fake their own Deaths than Women Lie about Rape"

“More Men Fake Their Own Death than Women Lie about Rape.”

I remember reading this quote a few years ago. I can not for the life of me remember where I read it. I’m sure it comes from a FBI agent as part of speech given to other law enforcement officers but that’s literally all I remember, despite it being a really crucial statistic. I’m also fairly sure I read it in a book and not on a blog

Thankfully for my poor memory skills, there are some amazing feminists and feminist allies on my FB with much better google skills than I. A huge thank you to Cath Andrews and Cathy Brennan for helping me. And, another thank you to Martin Dufresne for finding the following links:

Mary’s be a Gooddog Blog: “The FBI indicate that 96-98% of rapes are real reports. like robberies. like muggings. like Home Invasions. How many people lie about getting Mugged? The FBI state that more people Fake-report their own DEATH than fake report rape. “

Erin McLelland: who attributes the quote to the National Coalition Against Violent Athletes

These arseholes also attribute it to the FBI.

If anyone knows which book I originally read it, I would be very grateful. 🙂

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