Women’s Rights News: Missing the Point Completely

Women’s Rights News is possibly one of the most ironically named FB groups; almost on par with those pro-rape apologists at the Good Men Project. Firstly, they don’t actually post stories about news which is just a teensy bit odd for a group who use the soubriquet ‘news’.
I’m willing to overlook the attempt at intellectual pretentiousness, but, honestly, what does the above image have to do with women’s rights? It’s the image of a very thin, young, white woman posed to be sexually attractive and lacking a face. Hello, every image of women in the media. Ever. 

And, hello mother-blaming misogyny whilst Daddy-can-do-no-wrong twaddle. I read the quote and just wanted to bang my head repeatedly off my desk. How can anyone read that and think Feminism? 

But, then, they also posted this: 
Without a hint of irony. Or, you know, critical thinking skills. Disney does give women unrealistic expectations about men: it teaches women that the only way to deal with an abusive man is to love him harder [Beauty and the Beast]. Or, that it’s totally acceptable to give up a real gift for a man who doesn’t even know you [Little Mermaid] and that necrophilia is romantic [Snow White] and rape normal [Sleeping Beauty]. But, this isn’t really news. Andrea Dworkin, Angela Carter, and a hundred other feminist writers have covered this topic a million times and without resorting to asinine comments. 

And, the image below. Well, I just give up. 
I can’t tell if Women’s Rights News actually think they are a pro-woman group examining women’s rights.

Or, a bunch of MRAs having a laugh.  

Or, both.

I’m not actually sure that Women’s Rights News knows.

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