It’s Femen. Again. This Time They’re Running About the Vatican.

Yep. That’s an image of Femen taken yesterday at their protest in the Vatican in support of gay rights. Because the best way to interact with a homophobic and misogynist patriarchal institution is to have young women bare their breasts  and shout. 

Who precisely were Femen addressing with this protest? This is my fundamental problem with their form of “protest”. I’m not sure who they are actually targeting. Or, what they are targeting. If they are protesting a homophobic march in Paris, why are they in the Vatican? If they are targeting the Catholic Church, well, let’s be honest here, the Vatican doesn’t actually give a shit what women think. They are highly unlikely to change the minds of those visiting the Vatican. Instead, they have put themselves in a situation where they could have been very badly hurt. 

This really isn’t feminism. It is a mockery of it.

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