New Criminal Minds: Badly Written With A Dangerous Message

I have to confess that I did like the original series of Criminal Minds before it got repetitive with one too many long and goofy story-arcs. This new series starring Forest Whittaker is appalling. I’ve only seen one episode with the most tedious dialogue which involved stating-the-bleeding-obvious whilst pontificating. It’s obviously written by a Committee of Mansplainers.

The episode I saw was called “The Girl in the Blue Mask”. It is the story of an violent abusive man with a long history of intimate partner violence who kidnaps his daughter. In a drunken rage years later, he deliberately burns his daughter’s face  causing her physical disfigurement. The daughter is kept locked in a house with no access to the outside world and is psychologically tortured by her father who tells her over and over and over again how ugly she is. The episode focuses on the fathers’ attempt to harvest skin from other people to graft onto the face of his daughter.The subplot of the episode is a female FBI agent who has “Daddy issues”. Chunks of the episode are of this women with a good education and good job reinforcing her role as “Daddy’s Unwanted Girl”.

The final scene of the episode: female FBI agent telling abused girl that the reason her father tortured her was because he “loved her too much”.

You did read that right: a violent abusive man who repeatedly and severely abuses his spouse, then kidnaps and physically and emotionally abuses his child, and then murders 3 people does so because he loves his child too much. 

It’s totally okay if your Daddy assaults your Mummy, burns your face, calls you ugly and then murders 3 people if he loves you. Not loving you would be wrong. But loving, well, probably he should get the Congressional Medal of Honour.

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