Naral Pro-Choice America Blog For Choice Day: 2013

I am pro-choice because I am pro-woman. I believe that male violence is the root of women’s oppression. I believe that women can never be free of male violence without complete reproductive freedom.

Complete reproductive freedom requires:

Free access to healthcare
Free access to contraception
Free 24 hour access to childcare
Free access to education
Free access to abortion on demand

Complete reproductive freedom requires a welfare state so that women can make the choice to have a child without worrying about not being able to feed that child. That is the hallmark of a humane society. Anyone who is anti-abortion and who also supports the current destruction of our welfare state is a hypocrite who should not be allowed to have PIV.

I believe that women are not only fully human but are also capable of making decisions for themselves.

I support unlimited access to abortion on demand. I believe women are more than capable of making decisions for their own bodies.

I believe that we need more sex education for children that their parents can not opt out on.

I trust women to make the decision to have an abortion or to continue with a pregnancy for themselves.

I trust women to make the decision without political interference.

I trust women.

Preventing access to abortion is just another form of Violence against Women.

It is just another front in the War on Women.

I am pro-choice because I believe women are human too.

9 thoughts on “Naral Pro-Choice America Blog For Choice Day: 2013”

  1. This is a bad joke. If you truly believe that women are capable of making decisions for themselves then you must concede that they are responsible for these decisions. The responsibility lies with them to provide for their child. This includes child-care, education and abortion.

    1. Men who do not take financial and emotional responsibility for the children they create are child abusers. If men don’t want to be fathers, they shouldn’t be having PIV. It really is that simple for men: don’t want a baby, don’t stick your cock in a woman’s vagina.

    2. And, yet, your first comment held only mothers responsible. And, yes, communal childcare should be the responsibility of the state as it assures the functioning and continuation of said state.

    3. Communal childcare is a recipe for disaster. At best it leads to the dysfunctional outcomes of the kibbutzim, and at worst it leads to the nightmares of communist Russia and Romania. If you can’t reasonably expect to afford to pay to bring up your own kids you shouldn’t have them, and it makes no difference if your the one with the penis or not as both sides are equally responsible. Continuing with a pregnancy you know you’re going to have to rely on the state for ongoing support for is child abuse, and should be treated as such.

      Also the line about not having PIV sex is crap, that’s what contraception is for.

    1. No of course it isn’t, which is why a no questions asked automatic right of all women to abortion on demand is an absolute right for all women, at least up until viability.

      But to suggest that a man has to accept the possibility of pregnancy as an inevitable consequence of PIV sex is just crazy. The whole point of the sexual liberation of the 60s and 70s was the we separated sex from the tyranny of biology for women- and men too. If somehow you want to point a finger and associate sex back with’consequences’ again then that’s deeply patriarchal, because controlling a woman’s right to sex either directly or indirectly is precisely what the patriarchy wants. The Catholic Church has been doing it for nearly 2000 years.

    2. If you stick your penis in a woman, pregnancy can occur. If you stick your penis in a woman and don’t understand that this may end up with a life-long commitment to a child then you are too stupid to be having sex.

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