#DickheadDetox : David Bowie, Jimmy Page and that Small Issue of Child Rape

I won’t be buying David Bowie’s new album today. I’ve been a fan for years. Right up until I read this blog post on the 70s rock scene in LA and the obsession with “Baby Groupies” in. I genuinely did not realise this was a thing until I read the blog last year: what kind of man has “sex” with a 13 year old child?

Apparently, a whole lot including Bowie but also :

  • Iggy Pop
  • Johnny Thunders of the New York Dolls
  • Jimmy Page
  • Mick Jagger
  • Dee Ramone
  • Marc Bolan
  • Alice Cooper
  • Rod Stewart
  • Bill Wyman
The child David Bowie raped, because no 13 year old can consent to sex with an adult man, was part of the “Baby Groupie” scene. I’m not going to name her here despite her name being easily available on line because I believe that all rape victims deserve anonymity. The young girl was then abused by Jimmy Page for more than a year and half. Their relationship started when his manager “kidnapped” her for Page. The young woman was repeatedly locked in hotel rooms by Page and his manager because of her age and their fear of the legalities of the situation; you know that whole child rape thing.
The media sources I have read about these two men claim that the 13 year old “lost her virginity” to Bowie and was in a consensual loving relationship with Page. She was a child abused by two adult men who have never really taken responsibility for their behaviour.
Bowie and Page may be brilliant musicians but they deserve to be on the #DickheadDetox.
I won’t be buying their music ever again.


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  1. I’m truly shocked and upset by this. Fame may be corrupting but it’s no excuse however much they may be influenced by the ‘drugs rock and roll’. Anyone who has children (no sorry has ever met a child) would feel sickened.

    1. Groupie aren’t actually prostitutes. They don’t get paid. Also the age of consent laws in America have been in place since 1920 and were set at age 16 . They were ammended in the early 2000’s and changed to 18. So technically and lawfully, those so- called “men” committed a crime.

  2. Hi, I totally agree with you. I just recently read about the roots of punk music and was totally shocked when I read about Iggy Pop taking Sable Starrs’ virginity when she was 13 ! Foul. He was 10 years older at the time.
    Am also disgusted that Jimmy Page has an O.B.E. from the Queen (Mick Jagger also has a Knighthood). The, ahem, Queen has a habit of giving out awards to child molesters….Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris to name a few. These creatures are base.
    Good work for writing about this!!!!

  3. I want to know why there hasn’t been an application from the police in whichever state this alleged crime took place, to have these men arrested so that they can stand trial and account for their behaviour.

      1. It really isn’t, is it? You would think that the police would actually be interested in following up on reports like this because it’s out there in the open that a crime took place, a crime which was a crime at the time. And yet there’s no pro-active response from them. I suppose to be fair to them, they are constrained by resources and they won’t take any action unless someone actually complains to them and forces them into investigating, but it seems to me that there should be a specialist dept tasked to investigate “open secrets” like this.

  4. Nope. that just isn’t true. I hear you, but you are wrong, there was total recognition that the child sex was not only wrong, illegal, damaging, etc… especially as late as Bowie, but even at the time of the Beatles. True, there was a sense that everyone was breaking down barriers. But younger kids (and I was in the younger category at that time) definitely didn’t want to do what they didn’t want to do. This is true: I think that people (17-21) were and even now are very unaware of how much they have changed and developed in the previous 5 years. So a 23 year old can be pretty dense about how much different they are than a 15 year old. The musicians were young. Everyone was traveling and unsupervised. Parents were unaware how available their children were to predators. And predators may not have thought of themselves that way. Still rape, though. Millionaire rock stars should apologize and spend some money on those grown up victims.

    1. I am sure your view has validity as I am sure mine does too. This technology and short paragraphs make it impossible to put our viewpoints in location of place and time and our own experiences. So I’m alittle confused at what years and where you are talking about. Still, some of what you say leads to questions. How can it be claimed that there was total recognition that child sex was wrong, illegal, and damaging when that is not even true today and was so much less back then. I’m sure you are talking about some place different than me. I’m sure you have more specifics that you experienced in what you are expressing. I remain open to learn yours. My perspective comes from my educational background which is women studies and research into women’s history with a specialty in media studies. So what I say certainly is not describing the world as one mass blob or individual personal narrativeā€¦. but has specifics to time and place – as I believe all human viewpoints do. Yours included. In that way I don’t see mine as true or wrong and yours as right or false. I just see ours as additions to a vast world no one sees in its entirety. Thanks for engaging.

  5. You show a much deeper understanding of this issue than …just about 99.9% of our “advanced society’s” population!! I’ll be checking out your blog.

    1. now he would never be forced to own up to what he did. he will be immortalized through his music and no one would dare to speak ill of him. if a victim of his spoke publicly about this they would be dismissed and it would be said that they were trying to cash in on his death.

  6. Jimmy Page was 29 at the time and Bowie in his mid-20s. Thinking of the men I know in their mid-late 20s I hope none of them WANTS to have sex with a 13 year old child, let alone consider it a temptation to be resisted. No matter how much a child is dressed up, play acting an adult or how far along puberty they are it is obvious they are children.

  7. A Facebook friend of mine pointed this out today to me. I had no idea. Now, said Facebook friend has actually gotten death threats for telling this information today. It’s shocking to me not so much that it happened– because sadly, I’m not all that surprised– but that the willful coverup still continues. Granted, pointing it out today of all days is probably not the most opportune moment but it’s still true. 13 is too young to consent. Period. It doesn’t matter if it was “back then.” It doesn’t matter if she “chased them.” The reason the law sets the age of consent is because we recognize that there is a boundary, which we are not, as adults, supposed to cross.

    For me, it’s sort of like he died twice today. Once when I saw the first post about him, and then when I heard about this story. It’s very surreal to see everyone turning him into a saint while I can imagine how painful it must be for the entire world to ignore the rape at 13 and kidnapping that followed (not Bowie but Page) later.

    1. Death threats? What is WRONG with people to be doing that?? I hope your friend made screenshots of those threats. It’s not like these people knew DB personally! They didn’t actually KNOW him at all. I’m absolutely disgusted.

  8. Thank you for bringing more people’s attention to this – including mine. I had heard stuff about Jimmy Page but not this abuse by David Bowie. I’m appalled and really saddened. I love his music but can’t condone his behaviour or even suggest he had some excuse.

    This may sound trivial in comparison, but as a kid growing up in the 80s I watched and loved Labyrinth. I’m only now considering the fact that in the story, the grown man Bowie plays an adult quite prepared to seduce a 15 year old and take her as his consort. Fantasy or not, that’s messed up. The fact he could quite happily play the part disturbs me somewhat.

  9. I came accross this blog whilst reading more about Bowie’s reasons for entering into fatherhood during the height of his demanding fame and nearly coughed violently on my cigarette before my final draw!. I had previously been reading about Bowie’s prolific bisexual liaisons throughout much of his younger life and, still whilst in married partnerships. Nothing at all wrong in that if you are fabulously wealthy and immortalized by eternal fame; the world will never condemmn such illustrious deities of all skin and bone, which I always felt David to be an anorexic adoring pioneer: pushing the boundaries not just of exciting obscurity yet of physical body dysmorphia.

    I was born the same year as his son and so unable to fully appreciate or understand the making of Bowie until well into my 20’s in the 1990’s, yet had been familiar with his media icon presence during parts of my own demoralized childhood.

    The Bowie phenomena is one that has depths not even a qualified human biologist could muster the strength to descend the core of such inner-workings, yet the ordinary person can work it all out after just a bit of light digging into his past. I totally believe Lori’s claims and because no survivor of abuse would risk their own mortal vulnerability against the cruel realities of social and media brutality, even though victims are taken seriously by authorities does not automatically generate mass public support in these enlightened times. There was zero emphasis upon child abuse in the media in the 70’s and 80’s and so it never got challenged – accross all spheres of social and class divide. I somehow doubt that Bowie entered into any peadophile ring in any kind of conscious state of being, whether or not he desired underage girls to affirm his invincible yet incessant change of alter ego, because he was also an immensley nurturing father.

    No one has the authority to explain away what they did whilst they are not here to rightly defend themselves, no matter how disgusted and angered we may feel by what he had done such a very long time ago. This does not mean we should not question the past or challenge what fame can do to corrupt mega-stars on the whole, yet all things crimminal needs exposure and right justice in that person’s waking life, not when they are fully dead and buried.

    Sad like everyone else that a Star-man in the skies nothing more than an illusion in our minds.

  10. I appreciate your words, mostly because they are rare right now. Everyone is really hell bent on ignoring everything that you wrote about here, even though they can themselves look up the “information”. It’s making it really hard for me to look at some of my friends right now, which I know is my problem. I can’t look away from the Truth however, no matter how much these men influenced my young life. It’s all tarnished for me, and I am glad I am no longer blind to the truth. It fucking hurts, but willful ignorance is not an option as a survivor. Thank you.

  11. This is the first I have ever heard of these abuses. Without evidence and admissions of guilt it can of course never be proven that they took place but as a woman in her fifties who spent considerable years on the London music scene I have little doubt in my mind that excess and depravity feature heavily in most musicians lives and there are few limits on what they feel is acceptable behaviour. I have hero worshipped Bowie since the age of thirteen but the man behind the music always sat uncomfortably with me. I squirmed whilst watching him being interviewed by practically anyone. Even as a young teenager instinct told me that this person had a sense of superiority and a level of narcissism that did not sit comfortably with me. In death we become a caricature of our actual self and all our nasty bits often get brushed under the carpet so I expect anything we discuss here will get trashed by people who wish to carry on seeing from the confines of their rose tinteds. This article has has surprised me but when I look back at why I always found DB so creepy if it’s true it makes sense. If it is true then for me he has also died twice over.

  12. Another and to me even more important question than “whether Bowie would have liked that in real life” is, why we live in a culture that so often displays adult men wanting to get into the pants of underage girls as something acceptable or even desireable for a man to do? This movie is only one example but it shocks me now because I also loved it as a child but didn’t remember the story.
    This cultural setting is, in the end, what allows adult rockstars to engange in sexual relationships with “baby groupies”* and get away with it without having to take full responsibility for their actions. It’s a vicious circle to assure adults who f*** minors “it’s okay, you’re not responsible anyway” (that’s what almost all die-hard DB fans say in defense of their idolized star) because this mentality encouages such behaviour.
    What’s also stunning is that the same public that collectively downplays adult abusiveness or puts the responsibility of adult men’s decisions on underage girls for being just too seductive etc. and socially crucify anyone who says the opposite as e.g. a commiter of “gang rape” (no shit, I’ve read such comments addressed to critics of DB), freaks out and suddenly sees the adult-child power relations whenever adult men choose underage boys instead, no matter if those child-boys “consented”. Note: I’m not defending statutory rape of boys, I just feel shocked by the cultural double standards regarding the judgement of adult men who choose underage girls.

    *The term that was used in the 70s by those male celebrities shows that they were far from “not knowing what they were doing and that it was illegal / not having a clue of the true age of these girls because they had fake IDs” as many people try to justify.

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