Anthony Kiedis: Moving from Sexiest Rocker to Creepy Old Man

A friend sent me a link to these images because they know I’m a fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Apparently, they are from the Russian version of Vogue and are supposed to be a fashion shoot. You know, if you think soft porn constitutes a fashion shoot; as most of the fashion industry seems to believe. Normally, I’d ignore the images and wonder about whether or not Anthony’s considered therapy for his quite serious inability to date a woman over the age of 21 but these images are just, well, creepy.

Here we have “woman with breasts” shocker.

And, here we have “creepy old man with naked women” 

I’m really going to have to bin all of my RHCP albums, aren’t I?  


6 thoughts on “Anthony Kiedis: Moving from Sexiest Rocker to Creepy Old Man”

  1. tony is anything but a decent person…he was once arressted for actual sexual assault on a woman in the RHCP audience…in front of the audience!…he was known for grabbing random women fans and dragging themmon stage to ‘spank’ them…one woman reported he BEAT her, not ‘spanked’….his boring biography essentially reads with him starting life as a baby with a hard n whose main daily exiatence was findinf someone to slobber n his head…then shoot heroin…then get hep c…then become a rockstar who got head and shot heroind…and had kids while he had hep c…then got head, shot some heroin, then got clean, then got head, and z…just one long. LA celeb existence with propaganda b.s. that he was a ‘true, core holmes’ gutterpunk…..he’s an egomaniacal twit with not an ounce of substance and his own doc that gives him private botox injections….oh yeah, and there’s some band he’s in…anthony kiedis is and has always been known as a guy whose heart iss all frat boy, his surface is ‘punk-funk’….if it weren’t for john and flea, ttony would’ve been just another kid of a has-been sleazy producer…in LA, there are hundreds of ’em…

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