Congratulations on being able to write complete sentences.

Below is a comment on an article I published on Room of Our Own: A Feminist/ Womanist Network called: LEFTIST MEN ARE NOT BORN TO LEAD RADICAL STRUGGLES [A RESPONSE TO JOHN PILGER AND THE SEX HIERARCHY TRIVIALISERS] AT LIBERATION IS LIFE. The comment pretty much proves the need for the article:

Well balanced Marxist analysis, implying but not developing a programme for women’s liberation through revolutionary struggle. But a solid basis for that in these arguments. The traditional child care as a social and not domestic task, communal, range of social provisions at work (a very good bus drivers’s rep negotiated monthly leave for women drivers experiencing menstrual cycle tensions. Once the social responsibility is accepted then such things become possible. Of course these conflict with the profit motive if capitalist society but such struggles on social oppression makes revolution worthwhile for women workers and will inspire all women with a vision of a future free if sexism and all other forms of oppression worth fighting for. Same applies to race and ethnicity, sexuality, age and ability. Well done for that spirited article.

There’s nothing quite like a leftist dude for patronising mansplaining, which is why AROOO will remain a man-free zone.

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