A Final Word on A Room of Our Own

Recently, I have received a number of comments about A Room of Our Own and my politics – many were polite but, increasingly, I’ve been receiving rude comments and those demanding I answer their questions immediately. AROOO has always been what it says on the tin: a network for all feminists. I haven’t deviated from this and I have no intention of doing so.

It should be clear to anyone who reads my blog, twitter or FB page that AROOO does not represent my feminist politics. It was never intended to represent my politics. Instead, I founded AROOO to create a network for feminists to share their writing, activism, art, poetry (and any and everything else that can be published online). So, yeah, I publish all sorts of articles that I fundamentally disagree with and many of the members fundamentally disagree with what I write. The point wasn’t to create a network where I only publish stuff I agree with. If I wanted that, I could have just hit the reblog button and published work I agree with on here.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with my politics. I don’t expect that those who agree with my politics will support the way I choose to run AROOO. That’s life.

I do AROOO because I love it, because sharing women’s writing is important to me – even women I fundamentally disagree with.


The link to the AROOO Go Fund Me is here.  £1 will make a huge difference to improving the site!

9 thoughts on “A Final Word on A Room of Our Own”

  1. That some people still insist that you answer to their demands of how to run something you established will never cease to amaze me. You do a wonderful job, not just with AROOO, but in everything you do within the feminist community

  2. I am increasingly of the opinion that feminism will never achieve the liberation of women unless we realise that adopting feminist praxis is as important as other feminist goals. I am not fighting to have my boundaries, my decisions or my compromises respected by men in order for them to be ignored, ridiculed and violated by feminists.

  3. Caveat: I don’t mean to imply that liberation will be achieved via choice. Only that respect for difference, respect for all sisters -even the ones you disagree with fiercely- , is the best protection against swapping one kind of oppression for another.

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