Foyles think women are thick as pig shit

Apparently, Foyles think women are too stupid to read books. Because nothing says we respect our customers like this piece of sexist drivel:

Don’t be discouraged if your mothers uses the book you gave her to press flowers. Any reason to open a book is a good one.


You do have to wonder who is in charge of their advertising since it’s widely recognised that women buy the majority of books – for themselves and for presents for other people. It isn’t really the  best advertising tactic to insult the intelligence of your largest customer base. At least, I wouldn’t have thought so. But, what do I know: I’m only a mother and clearly too dim to have opinions and shit.

<thanks to Julia Hilliard for flagging this up!>

3 thoughts on “Foyles think women are thick as pig shit”

    1. I don’t usually publish comments by men but I can’t decide if you’re being facetious or if you’ve really missed the whole point

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