Feminist Books for Kids for Christmas Gifts!

jhp50b341cece7de         Greta and Boris: A Daring Rescue: by Sian Norris

Greta’s best friend is her cat Boris. However, little does she realise her bewhiskered buddy is actually the Prince of the Kingdom of Cats. So when he is kidnapped by the Rat King, a young warrior cat named Kyrie Mi-ke is sent to find Greta, and together they face a mystical and magical adventure to bring Boris home again.
Greta must face the challenge of the staircase of the autumn leaves; cross Cloud Top Land and the Milky Sea; end the war between the two tribes of mice and face the truth of the Millpond; before facing the Rat King himself.

Small gives it 2 paws up.

Jump!Mag, a non-gendered magazine for girls that focuses heavily on history and science, has expanded into publishing e-books

Lucy Evans, The InstaExplorer:

Lucy Evans, InstaExplorerLucy Evans, the InstaExplorer series will follow our adventurous young heroine around the world, as she visits friends and family in far-flung destinations. Armed with her wits, and her trusty smartphone, Lucy solves mysteries, gets into scrapes and has a lot of fun… all the while sending messages back to her Instagram followers!

More from the fabulous Millie Slavidou here on Jump! Mag and coming soon – a free eBook with tales of a Greek Xmas!



12 Science Words That Don’t Mean What You Think They Do:

12 Science Words


You might use the words ‘proof’ or ‘theory’ in everyday life, but do you know what they mean in the world of science? Science writer Sam Gouldson takes a closer look at science vocabulary and explains how the meaning of words differ when used in the context of science writing.







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