Donate £5 to MSF, rather than buying the offensive Band Aid single

I was going to blog about how utterly offensive Band Aid is – it’s Bob Geldof at his most patronising and dangerous. Instead, you should all read  break it down in the Guardian: Band Aid 30: clumsy, patronising and wrong in so many ways.

Ebola must be eradicated – but so must the conditions of poverty which allow diseases to kill. Conditions we allow to continue through unfettered capitalism and the pursuit of commodities at the expense of the vast majority of people living on the planet. Buying a charity single doesn’t address the root causes of poverty and disease. We need to donate directly to the organisations working on the ground to eradicate ebola (and not the bloated international bureaucracies like the World Health Organisation.)

You can make a donation to Medecins Sans Frontiere here. 

Forbes Magazine has written about the problems with donating to large charities like MSF and not to local organisations which includes links to ones you can support. If anyone has the details of a local or grassroots organisation fighting ebola on the ground, pleas let me know so I can include a link.

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