Let’s Raise Money for Rape Crisis to fight the rape apologism of Ched Evans’ & Supporters

Today, the Daily Star ran this front page:



A victim of rape who has been shamed, humiliated, publicly named and denigrated by the supporters of Ched Evans has been reduced to “Footie Rape Girl”. Evans family are currently whining because Rape Crisis don’t support rapists and his fans are threatening any woman who supports Evans’ victim with this particularly pleasant tweet representing the reality of their abuse:

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 09.31.04

The abuse continues unabated.

Let’s make it clear that we won’t allow these rape apologists to continue harassing Evans’ victim and fight back by raising money for:

Rape Crisis England/ Wales: 

Local Rape Crisis’ in England & Wales

Rape Crisis Scotland

Local Rape Crisis in Scotland

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