Judy Finnigan is just wrong about Ched Evans. And, she’s wrong about rape.

I hate writing these posts. I just keep saying the same thing over and over.:

Rape is an act of violence.

I don’t understand how people can not realise that the violation of a woman’s body is ALWAYS an act of violence.

I am so sick of people apologising for Ched Evans as if he was a 6 year old who stole a sweetie from the corner shop on a dare.

The man is a convicted rapist. He chose to rape a woman who was so intoxicated that she could not consent.

Finnigan’s words (transcribed by buzz feed) are harmful:

Finnigan, 66, spoke out in support of Evans, saying the rape wasn’t violent and that he’d “served his time”.

She said: “He’s served his time. The rape – and I’m not by any means minimising any kind of rape – but the rape was not violent. He didn’t cause any bodily harm to the person.”

This is precisely why Evans & his merry band of rape apologists and rapists don’t think Evans has committed a crime. Finnigan has summed up Evan’s defence and numerous appeals in two short sentences. She hasn’t given a thought to the victim (who has had to leave the country after Evan’s mates outed her.

Finnigan needs to take specialist training for her local rape crisis to understand the law on rape and the consequences for women. She also needs victim awareness training to understand trauma.

Then, Finnigan needs to stand up on Loose Women and apologise properly to every single rape victim in the country for telling them that a man shoving his penis inside you isn’t an act of violence. Because, rape is an act of violence.

Ched Evans is a violent rapist.

And those who make statements about grades of rape only help rapists.


5 thoughts on “Judy Finnigan is just wrong about Ched Evans. And, she’s wrong about rape.”

  1. It is almost as if saying mental trauma isn’t real and is all made up because you can’t see it.mental trauma exists and a violation of a person is never justified no matter if violence is or is not involved

  2. Is it not possible to be completely drunk and still consent to pleasure but not consent to the emotions of guilt and shame that follow…like i myself have done in the past. Like we want one thing but not the other so one goes along with it for the pleasure factor only. Thats the demon of alcohol, its the pleasure/shame/guilt trips the we suffer but i still hold myself 100% responsible whether drunk or not and its more empowering as a women to stand up and say yes, i am responsible for my actions however painful they are but will learn from this.

    1. Women are not responsible for being raped. It is not “empowering” to suggest that women take responsibility for rape. All that does is tell rapists they can rape whoever they want whenever they want without consequence.

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