Nothing makes me angrier than a man being given credit for women’s activism.

David Ruffley’s caution for common assault against his former partners is public knowledge due to the following:

It was women’s activism and women’s commitment to the safety of other women which made Ruffley’s caution public knowledge.

It is women who have been fighting for domestic violence to be recognised as a crime.

It is Ending Victimisation and Blame who have been fighting for all politicians to undertake specialist training in domestic and sexual violence and abuse.

It is Refuge fighting to end police immunity in negligence cases following the entirely preventable murder of Joanna Michael in 2009.

It is Women’s Aid, Paladin and the Sara Charlton Foundation fighting for a change in the law to recognise that domestic violence is a pattern of coercive control.

33 000 people had already signed the petition that Ending Victimisation and Blame before Guido Fawkes linked it on his website. It is utterly unacceptable and reprehensible for people to claim that Fawkes was responsible for Ruffley’s recent decision to stand down.

Guido Fawkes isn’t responsible for Ruffley standing down.

Feminists are.


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