Yet, More Offensive Advertising from Dove: The Beauty Patch

Anyone familiar with my rants, knows how much I detest Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaigns aimed at making women feel better about no longer having prepubescent bodies in their 40s whilst flogging them over-priced moisturisers and face creams which certainly don’t do what they are advertised to do and are made from animal by-products. And, this is without getting into the whole Dove is owned by Unilever who also flog women Slim-Fast because they are simultaneously “real” and fat, as well Fair & Lovely & White Beauty skin lightening products – the racism of which is self-evident.  They also produce the hyper-sexualised Lynx ads which treat women as fuck objects for men’s pleasure incapable of making rational decisions because of a man’s smell.

Dove have hit a whole new level of hypocrisy with their new Beauty patch ad which is part of their “Campaign for Real Beauty”.

This was the opening advertisement for the move Spiderman that I took my youngest, super-hero obsessed daughter to see. I sat for the first few minutes trying to decide if Dove were marketing a real product or not. And, this is the problem.

Dove think the “Beauty Patch” is an interesting new advertising gimmick when it’s just the same old body-shaming bullshit dressed to make women feel stupid about not believing they are beautiful so they go out and buy the entirety of Dove’s range of products.  And, not only do Dove imply women are stupid, they are actively propagating the myth that women are too stupid to know that a patch on your arm can’t make you feel beautiful when you are living in a culture which is predicated on body-shaming women into buying unnecessary products fuelling the capitalist economy.

Dove isn’t interested in women feeling beautiful and powerful. If we did, there would be no need for their campaign.  We need to start examining these advertisement campaigns under the UN definition of “harmful cultural practises”.  This term is usually reserved for things other people do somewhere else to women over there and is inherently racist because it assumes western women are enlightened and empowered and are not subject to cultural practises which are harmful to their physical and emotional well-being. It ignores the reality of eating disorders, body dysmorphia and the increase in plastic surgery on everything from breasts, thighs and tummies to vaginas and anuses being deemed imperfect.

Our culture raises women to be nothing more than fucktoys. This is a harmful cultural practise and Dove, and Unilever, are complicit in perpetuating this harm to make money.

Because all this is is a way to make more women hate their bodies so they will spend all of their income buying products to make their bodies fit the checklist of the patriarchal fuckability test.

Frankly, Unliver can just fuck right off.


2 thoughts on “Yet, More Offensive Advertising from Dove: The Beauty Patch”

  1. This is horrible.

    You know, I have seen the first few seconds of this advert a few times, and I honestly thought it was a pisstake. I never watched to the end (because, let’s face it, this is also a fucking boring advert).

  2. Dove and all beauty products are like drones armed with massive doses of lethal ‘ self hate self doubt’ dropping their shit over all womon and girls. In a culture that predicates itself upon the excoriation of womon and girls for profit. An Industry like weaponry, that will stop at nothing to inculcate the next generation with the need to feel imperfect and therefor unworthy till re-adjusted and brainwashes us into building an arsenal of useless overpriced ‘ugly’ products that reinforce the need to stockpile a range of goods that are marketed to make us believe we cannot leave our homes without it, like carrying a gun the ubiquitous make-up bag is a must, just in case we are discovered to be ‘real’ and need to check ourselves for some overlooked imperfection, out comes the armoury to re-set the drama ! Fun to dress-up but not fun when it turns to 24/7 obsession that steals hours of time cost huge sums of hard earned and decreases and stunts womons growth and true self esteem. Dove like all ugly products plays on insecurity and the capitalist/patriarchal drive to keep womon interested in trivia and self absorption rather than spreading their wings and flying high like a ‘real Dove’!

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