Maria Miller must be replaced by a woman.

Maria Miller needed to resign as a cabinet minister. Frankly, she should have resigned as an MP and be under police investigation; although, to be fair, that applies to rather a large number of people currently in parliament.

What cannot happen is for Maria Miller to be replaced by a man. Cabinet reshuffle all they like but the number of women simply cannot drop.  Parliament itself is unrepresentative of our country; the cabinet even more so. We need more women in cabinet. Not another rich white man.

At this point, I’d be open to any woman being promoted to cabinet.

One thought on “Maria Miller must be replaced by a woman.”

  1. I understand why you feel *any* woman should replace Miller. The under representation of women in the UK parliament is an international joke. But I wish Nicky Morgan hadn’t been appointed. I can’t support a woman who wants to restrict abortion rights and is against equal marriage.

    Yes, we have another woman doing half of Miller’s job, but she doesn’t seem very concerned with the rights and wellbeing of other women, which I feel misses the point of more women in the cabinet.

    I think this demonstrates why more women in the cabinet, although a good start, isn’t enough. After all our only female prime minister to date set women’s rights back a generation.

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