End Online Misogyny Will Be Attending Women’s Aid Cyber Stalking & Harassment Conference!

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about my support for the activism of End Online Misogyny and my distress at a woman’s work being caught in a much larger political disagreement that they did not know existed before starting the campaign. End Online Misogyny was created in response to the rape and death threats Caroline Criado-Perez received on twitter in the wake of her victory against the Bank of England’s cultural femicide. It was a spur of the moment campaign to highlight the abuse on twitter which became a huge thing very quickly, much to the shock of the women involved. 🙂

A rather large number of people loathed the blog I wrote and were very, very vocal in their hatred of the piece. I actually lost a few friends because of it, however the response I received also made my support for End Online Misogyny turn from helping with the blog to being a fully-fledged member. 

Next week, End Online Misogyny will be attending Women’s Aid Cyber Stalking and Harassment Conference in London. Along with one of the founders of End Online Misogyny Alison Boydell, I will be speaking at the conference. We are very excited to be joining Ikamara Larasi and Lia Latchford from Imkaan, Nimko Ali from Daughter’s of Eve, Rachel Griffin from the Suzy Lamplugh Trust and Caroline Criado-Perez from The Women’s Room UK.

We have been shocked by the level of misogyny that is tweeted out on a daily basis from telling women to kill themselves, threats of rape, doxing and threatening to rape women’s children. Despite having my own trouble with certain men’s rights extremists and their violence, I genuinely did not realise just how constant the abuse directed at specific women was and the sheer amount of stalking that happens online. 

We would like to thank Women’s Aid for inviting us and I will be blogging my notes from the conference next week.

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