Reason #3456 that I am Feminist: Because Beyonce is a “Whore”

At least, that’s a headline the Metro is running today with the complaints from parents about Beyonce’s “inappropriate” behaviour on stage at the Grammys. Now, I’ve not actually bothered to watch the Grammys. I don’t watch any awards shows because they are almost always rich white dudes congratulating each other on being rich white dudes. They’re on my list of things which need to be destroyed come the Revolution.

I am in a fucking rage about this headline in the Metro:

BfDfQM3IQAAcIZx(image from @samuelpalin)

I’m not going to bother reading the article because the headline is deeply inappropriate. If the Metro wanted to run a discussion on the appropriateness of Beyonce’s performance before the watershed (in the US), then by all means go for it. I’m going to question the parenting of adults who think the Grammys are appropriate for small children. The Grammys’ have never been small child friendly. Why anyone would think different is beyond me.

So, Beyonce is a “whore” for her performance. I don’t see the Metro labelling her husband (the dude in the photo with her) a whore. I doubt very much the parents in the Metro article care about what her husband did or did not do.

This headline is pure misogyny (and racism) and is why I am a feminist.

No woman is a whore. Ever.


UPDATE: it turns out the article is actually worse than I thought. Lynn Schreiber has informed me that the story was clearly decided before tweets were found to defend it. So, a journalist has manufactured the ‘Beyonce is a whore’ statement without having evidence first.

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