Rose Tremain’s Restoration

This is a beautiful book. It is well-written, historically intriguing and full of fascinating characters. But, I couldn’t get into it. I just couldn’t. Normally, I’d devour a book like this in one sitting and I’ve had it hanging around for more than a week. The last few books I’ve read have been like this. I’m a book devourer. I’ve been trying to work out why I’ve been so disappointed by the last few books; except for Lisa O’Donnells’ The Death of Bees which is just fucking brilliant.

Tonight, I worked out why. I don’t think I’m content just reading books written by women. I want to read books written by women and about women. I want to read stories about women’s lives and women’s desires. I’m not really interested in reading about men anymore; even ones like Restoration. So, I’m changing the goal posts. So, now, I’m reading only books written by women by women.

Recommendations are needed!